4 Phone Apps To Help You Save Money

Money Technology | by | 5th May 2016

Phone apps to save money

Nobody likes wasting money, so here’s 4 apps that can help you save money.

WeQ4U for saving money on phone bills

WeQ4U Logo For Money Saving Apps articel

WeQ4U is a free app for Android and iPhones that basically makes calling most premium rate phone numbers free (or at least included in your regular phone allowance / the same price as a normal phone call).

Premium rate phone numbers can be ones that begin 01, 02, 03 and 08. The app can also queue on the phoneline for you, ringing you back when a helpline operator picks up. This frees up your time and energy to focus on other things. It also helps with stress and you don’t have to listen to Greensleeves on hold ever again.

We’re not entirely sure how it works, but it does and it tells you how much money you save at the end of your call. We can talk from personal experience at FamilyPoint Cymru that we’ve saved £7 – £9 on phone calls to banks and phone companies.

Tickety Split for saving money on train fares

Tickety Split Logo for Money Saving Apps articleTickety Split is a website, app (iOS only) and mobile site from MoneySavingExpert and thetrainline.com.

It looks at splitting long single journeys into two shorter journeys. Why? Because for some reason riding the same train with two tickets for parts of the whole journey can work out far cheaper that having one ticket.

For example if you’re travelling between Carmarthen and Cardiff, it can work out cheaper if you have two tickets that go Carmarthen to Swansea and Swansea to Cardiff rather than one ticket. Often you don’t have to change seats never mind trains.

We’ve no idea why splitting tickets like this makes it cheaper but it frequently does. This applies to both on the day and advance bookings. Be careful to check if you do have any train changes before travelling. But there is money to be saved using this method and this app.

Hot UK Deals (HUKD) for cheaper stuff

hukd logo for money saving apps article

Hot UK Deals has been around a while, which just goes to show how useful it is for finding deals, offers and vouchers. All the offers are found by users and then they vote up the good ones. There’s apps (iOS, Android and Windows) and even a WhatsApp alert service.

Vouchercloud for coupons on the go

Vouchercloud Logo

Vouchercloud offers discounts and codes for restaurants, shops and hotels, nothing new there but its geo-tagging system is something innovative and handy. If you have your GPS turned on, the app will ping you with information of what offers are nearby.

This can be very useful if you’re out and about and fancy a quick bite to eat. It’s slightly less handy if you live within 300 metres of a Bella Italia and get alerts every day about it, but this might just be an issue for the author.

VoucherCloud is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

Do you use any great apps to save money that we haven’t mentioned? Please share your finds by commenting below or submitting an article, we’d love to hear your views.

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