5 Cheap & Easy Easter Activities for Kids

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Here’s 5 cheap and easy Easter activities to keep the little ones busy!

With Easter on the way we thought we would offer you a helping hand here at FamilyPoint Cymru to keep the children entertained over the holidays with some simple Easter activities.

#1 Decorated paper Easter eggs

Why not get crafty with some simple paint, paper, pegs and pompoms? All you need is some coloured paint, plain paper cut into egg shapes, pegs and pompoms.

Pour different coloured paint onto some paper and attach some pompoms to pegs. Then dip the pompoms into the paint and press onto an egg shaped piece of plain paper. Voila! Your very own unique and colourful Easter egg!

Find step by step details on the Crafty Morning blog here.

#2 Healthy Easter eggs

If you would prefer to keep a healthy vibe this Easter, then have a look at these healthy alternative Easter eggs on the Eats Amazing blog. If your children aren’t able to eat chocolate for health reasons but still want to stay in the Easter spirit you could give these a go.

Get an Easter egg mould, half fill each mould with yoghurt/alternative milk. Add some fruit and granola/cereal, before filling to the top with some more yoghurt/milk. Finally insert an ice lolly stick, top up with some more yoghurt/milk, give it a shake and freeze. Some yummy Easter egg looking lollies that are even healthy at breakfast time!

Decorative eggs for Kids Easter activities article on FamilyPoint.Cymru

#3 Easy Easter ears and whiskers

Any child will have hours of fun with this very easy Easter ears and whiskers idea. Cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate, make two ears with the remaining circle, and paint the centre with some pink paint. Once dry attach to the base of the circle facing forwards with glue, tape or stapler.

Make some whiskers with pipe cleaners and attach with glue onto a clean ice lolly stick. Next attach a pom pom at the front to make a nose and you’re all done. Now your child can hop away as a happy bunny throughout the Easter holidays!

Step by step details by The Suburban Mom here.

#4 Easy Easter egg hunt

Why not create a simple yet full of fun easter egg hunt for your little ones? First, make a bunny footprint out of a piece of paper or cardboard. Next, get some icing sugar or flour, pour through your footprint and make a trail of bunny footprints to lead to the eggs. This is perfect for the outdoors. To cut costs, you could even leave them a trail of their own favourite toys to collect along their way and their Easter egg as a surprise at the end. This is guaranteed to keep them busy for a while!

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#5 Easter egg bark

If you have an overflow of Easter eggs, why not melt them all together to make easter egg bark like this one on Tesco’s Real Food blog, and get all the family involved? Here are simple instructions on how to make them:

1. Gently melt the chocolate and keep the loose sweets to one side.

2. Pour onto baking paper and swirl with a knife.

3. Top with the loose sweets, chocolate treats and sprinkles.

4. Chill until very firm (about 2 hours).

5. Cut with a sharp knife and serve in shards.

We hope these suggestions come in handy over the Easter holidays. If you have any ideas for great Easter activities, please share them with us below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Cover Photo Credit: D. Garding Flickr via Compfight cc

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