Baby Names: The Good, The Bad & The Khaleesi

News | by | 2nd Oct 2015

Recently the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed the most popular boys and girls names of the year (more of which below) as well as a few of the, shall we say more unique, ones that mothers and fathers have selected.

The three things that stand out to me are that across England & Wales there are now:

  • 53 girls called Khaleesi. 53!
  • 33 boys called Drake
  • 4 babies (I’m gonna guess boys) called Messi. Little baby Messi.


Anyway the top 10 boys and girls names in Wales are:

Oliver || 1 || Amelia

Jacob || 2 || Olivia 

Jack || 3 || Isla   

  Noah || 4 || Ava       

Charlie || 5 || Emily     

William || 6 || Mia           

Alfie || 7 || Ruby  

Dylan || 8 || Evie      

Logan || 9 || Lily        

   Leo || 10 || Poppy


Picking a name is a difficult decision, one that involves compromise, creativity and sensitivity.

Always be wary of alliteration, rhymes and acronyms – never underestimate the creative insults children can come up with. Mumsnet have an entire forum dedicated to baby names where you can run suggestions by (or share your own tips).

And you may not want to run the risk of shouting Ollie at the school gates and twenty boys turning round – this nifty graph on WalesOnline shows you the popularity of your chosen names.

Charlie and Alfie feature in the boys’ top 10s and most sites recommend giving a child the longer version and leaving the choice to them if they want to shorten it. I agree, would you want to be seen by a 50-year-old doctor Freddie?

And remember, middle names are there to placate families and in-laws, use them wisely.

Do you have any tips on choosing a name? Please share them in the comments below!

Picture Credits: ONS & Mumsnet

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