Christmas On A Budget

Money News Things To Do | by | 7th Dec 2015

Christmas On A Budget

Christmas can be a great time of year for spending time with family, friends, and little ones – but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve collected the very best tips and tricks to save you money this year on costumes, presents…and even decorations!


If your child is starring in a Nativity play this year, it can be difficult to provide a costume without blowing the bank on a shop-bought outfit, especially when you know you’ll have to buy another one next year.

If you’ve got more than one costume to prepare, the pressure can get a bit much. So why not go homemade?

For foolproof, mega-easy instructions on how to make Mary, Joseph, angel, shepherd, wise man, animal or star costumes, visit this website.

If you’ve got leftover costumes from last year, you could try swapping with another parent!


Besides being cheap to make, homemade presents give a nice personal touch and will mean the world to grandparents and elderly relatives. Why not sit down with the children to make some of these great gifts?

Painted pots:

  • What you will need:  Craft or acrylic paints, a brush, a plant pot (you can buy a plain plant pot quite cheaply in most DIY and home stores)
  • Paint a picture or design on to the pot
  • Can be used as a plant pot, candle holder, desk tidy etc
  • Charity shops and boot sales also have great, cheap wooden items that you can re-decorate yourself with low-cost paint and some imagination!

Poems and paintings:

  • Nice paper and coloured pens, paints or pencils
  • The children could write a poem or paint a picture about the relative, something personal that shows how much they love them.
  • When finished, roll up the paper like a scroll and use a ribbon to tie around it.

Homemade cake:

  • You can either make your own, or cheat and buy a cake mixture in any supermarket. It’s quite cheap to decorate or fill a cake, and you can use lots of different jams/icing to do this.  Some supermarkets or home stores also sell cake boxes and tins.
  • Everyone loves cake!  Making cakes is a great thing to do with the children, you can make more than you need so your family has some or you can share the extra with neighbours.  The fresher the better though, so if you’re exchanging presents with relatives more than a day or two before Christmas then your cakes won’t be fresh!


Christmas decorations don’t have to cost anything – you can make almost anything at home! Try these:

Paper snowflake

Christmas wreath


If you’re looking for more ways to save a bit of cash this Christmas, why not check out these tips:

Recycle for Wales has a range of suggestions to reduce Christmas waste, recycle items as decorations and stretch your money a little further over the festive season:

The Money Advice Service also has lots on their website about watching the pennies this Christmas:

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