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News | by | 23rd Mar 2016

Dads Can works with and supports young fathers through their transition into fatherhood.

Dads Can work with dads who are aged 14 – 25 years and are living in Newport or Monmouthshire.

They work with biological dads, expectant dads, foster dads and step dads. They even support those acting as a father figure, such as older brothers and uncles.

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They can provide a range of information and support on matters such as:

  • Parenting.
  • Education.
  • Training and employment opportunities.
  • Signposting to other support services, such as legal and housing.

Dads Can provide dads with opportunities to meet other dads. They organise leisure opportunities where experiences and information can be shared between them in a non-judgmental and informal environment.

Dads Can organise free or discounted sessions and trips for dads and their families so that vital family time can be had. This not only creates memories but also increases resilience and family harmony.

Dads Can are not time limited to the support they provide to fathers. While they do work with dads, the benefits are clear for their partners and children too.

Here’s one way ‘Dads Can’ helped…

Rhys, a young dad from Newport, contacted Dads Can as he and his young family found themselves homeless. Dads Can supported him to identify and access the appropriate services, while also providing emotional support.

Rhys found a place in a local hostel, yet it greatly unsettled him and his family. Although they now had a roof over their heads, he worried that it wasn’t appropriate for his young son. Dads Can spoke with housing and made sure the right paperwork was submitted on time. A family home was offered to him.

However, this home was at the opposite end of the county. Rhys was not able to drive and there was no public transport. Rhys was isolated from friends and family and living in an unfamiliar town.

Dads Can continued to provide emotional support. They listened to his concerns. They helped him make sense of his situation, overcoming barriers while identifying opportunities. One of these opportunities was to address his drug use, now that the negative peer pressure of friends was gone. They talked about getting Rhys some professional support, but he said no, as he was very mistrusting of statutory services.

Dads Can had several sessions focusing on his drug use. At first he felt like he needed the drug to make him ‘normal’ and a ‘better person’. He soon accepted that he needed to reduce his drug use, and more to the point, he wasn’t scared of losing his identity anymore.

Dads holding Dads Can booklet

Once Rhys settled in to his new home, they began developing his CV and to support his search for employment. He soon found some paid work. This also helped with his relationship, as his partner was keen for him to try harder to find work and provide for the family.

Rhys slowly began to ask for support around bonding with his son. He wanted to take on more responsibility for caring. His son would not spend time with him. This meant pressure on his partner to be the main care giver.

Dads Can and Rhys discussed attachment and ideas for play he could try. They also discussed an opportunity for him to attend local toddler groups. He was initially reluctant to engage with services like Flying Start. Yet Rhys eventually agreed, as it “would be good for his son and partner”. They supported him and his family to attend a session, introducing them to staff and other parents, which led to positive feedback.

Dads Can offered a place for the whole family on an upcoming parenting course, lasting 12 weeks through Flying Start, and Rhys was really positive about.

Rhys recently stated that he now feels comfortable in his new town. He really wants to improve as a father and be a positive role model to his child, even stating “thanks to Dads Can for making me a better Dad”.

If you’re in Newport or Monmouth and think that Dads Can can help you or someone you know then contact them via their website. The Newport or Monmouthshire Family Information Service may also be able to assist you.

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