Education Begins At Home

Education Things To Do | by | 8th Jan 2016


Popping up in news feeds across Wales, Education Begins At Home is a new place for you to share tips, advice and ideas on how to help your children through education and play.

The resources can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@EduBeginsAtHome) where you can find and post links that can help your child develop their skills.

If this sounds daunting it really isn’t, see the video below for a few simple tips that can help your child be better at school like reading together, setting a good bedtime and eating a healthy breakfast.

The campaign is called Education Begins At Home because it really does. Anything that you can do to help your child with reading, writing and numbers really makes a big impact and helps them get a head start and get ahead.

So next time you’re on Facebook or Twitter, check out Education Begins At Home.

Looking for more ways to develop your child’s skills?

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