Help To Buy – Wales Means More Jobs & Houses

Housing Money | by | 23rd Sep 2015

Recently Welsh Government announced the Housing Supply Pact between the Home Builders Federation and themselves.

What this basically boils down to is that Welsh Government will extend the Help To Buy – Wales scheme and make land easier to build on, while the Home Builders Federation promises to build more houses and do more apprenticeships and training schemes. All together this should mean more houses and more jobs in Wales.

Help To Buy InfographicNow building more houses is all well and good but families need the finance to afford these new buildings. This is where the Help To Buy – Wales scheme can help. Help To Buy – Wales effectively means that families need a 5% deposit on a house rather than a 10% or higher deposit, which reduces the lump sum of money that needs to be saved up by several thousands of pounds.

You can find out about the current Help To Buy – Wales scheme here and read this post from the Money Advice Service with advice on how to save for deposit.

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