More Rights For Renters

Housing Rights & Responsibilities | by | 20th Jan 2016


A new law has been made in Wales that offers greater protection for people who rent their homes.

The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 will positively affect the one million people in Wales who rent. It will make renting a home simpler and easier.

The key points of this new law are that it will:

  • require landlords to carry out repairs and ensure rental properties are fit for human habitation
  • help protect people from being evicted simply for complaining about the condition of a property
  • help to prevent people being made homeless when a joint tenant leaves a tenancy, thereby ending the tenancy for everyone else
  • do more to help victims of domestic abuse by enabling the person carrying out the abuse to be targeted for eviction
  • require landlords to issue a written statement of the contract which clearly sets out the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants


If you need support or want some advice about housing in Wales, there are organisations and services out there that can help including:

Shelter Cymru

Wales’ people and homes charity. They provide independent specialist advice, advocacy and legal representation for anyone with housing problems. They’re currently running a #MakeRentingRightCymru campaign.

Supporting People

The Supporting People programme provides housing-related support to help people overcome challenges to living independently.

Citizens Advice

The UK’s largest advice provider, Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) have centres all over Wales offering advice and support. You can find your local one here or have a look at their online housing information. is a youth information website aimed at 16-25s. They have an excellent section on housing related issues.


Llamau is the leading homelessness charity for the most vulnerable young people and women in Wales. They provide various Floating Support Schemes across the country. These assist people to maintain their accommodation.

As well as these, each county council in Wales has a housing section that may be able to provide further support. Finally there is always the Family Information Service in your area.

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