Safer Internet Day And Your Child

Education Technology | by | 9th Feb 2016

Tuesday 9th February 2016 is Safer Internet Day.

Why not mark Safer Internet Day by talking to your child about online safety?

It’s important to do so as children and young people are accessing the internet more often and for longer than ever before.

12-15 year olds now spend nearly 19 hours a week online, which is longer than they spend watching TV. They use a variety of different devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and games consoles. This can mean lots of different settings to get your head around. Thankfully UK Safer Internet Centre has a guide to technology for parents. Also check our article on new gadgets and the online safety of your child.

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Yet most young people are clued up and are very responsible users. But positive reinforcement and some reminders can never do any harm. It’s about finding a balance. On one hand giving them the freedom to explore and use the web to its full potential. On the other it’s protecting them from its darker corners and troublesome users.

This is best achieved with regular chats with your child about their online activity and, if needed, parental controls on devices and/or routers. Parental controls can also help when it comes to limiting or stopping in-app purchases. These can become very expensive, very quickly. For some info on parental controls, check out our article Keeping The Kids Safe Online On Their New Gadgets.

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