St David’s Day: How To Do It On The Cheap

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It’s never easy to magic up a St David’s Day costume out of nowhere, so here are a few quick and cheap suggestions to help you out…

It’s St David’s Day on 1st March and many schools across Wales encourage their pupils to dress up on the day. Our guide will help you with any quick costume emergency.

Firstly, if you don’t have the time to make a St David’s Day costume, try looking on eBay, which always has cheap first and second-hand costumes available or for an alternative, try Amazon. Also check Etsy, and, and don’t forget charity shops – you can find them in any city/village and your money goes to charity, which is always great.

George @ ASDA are also selling traditional boys’ costumes and girls’ costumes for £10.

However, if you’re feeling rather creative, why not make your own?

St David's Day - a girl in traditional dress and a boy in a rugby shirt

Traditional Costumes For Girls

You can buy cheap fabric from places such as Hobbycraft, Fabric Works or your local haberdashery. Or, if you really want to save money, try going though your wardrobe and finding clothes or curtains you wouldn’t mind cutting up.

Starting with the cockle bonnet or tall hat; for this you can cut a long strip of cardboard out and wrap it about your head to see the fit. Then and (be careful) use a hot glue gun to wrap black material around it. Join the two ends of the cardboard together and voila, you have a hat!

For the white blouse you can use any kind of blouse you have, try using an old school shirt that might be on its last legs, but will still look good with a wash.

Shawl, which is traditionally red, but remember – we’re on a budget here! So again, go raid your wardrobe for that old red winter scarf. You can always adjust the length with a few simple stitches.

St David's Day - a vintage Welsh lady costume in a field

The skirt. Now this is a difficult one. It is traditionally made of wool and is black or grey with white check patterns. For this you might have to take a trip to the fabric store and work some magic with your sewing, but if you don’t have time or the means to do so, any long dark skirt from a charity shop will be just fine.

Apron; see if you have a plain white one that you could just use. Or if you have an old white curtain, again get out the scissors! Even an old bed sheet will do with the right stitching.

Then all you will need to complete the outfit is simple black stockings and black shoes. Your daughter’s normal school shoes will be fine.

Traditional Costumes For Boys

Slightly less work than what’s needed for a girl’s costume, as boys can wear their school trousers, shoes and possibly shirts too. You just need to add a waistcoat, flat cap and bow tie. Have a look around some charity shops, repurpose any waistcoats or bow ties you may have from formal occasions and borrow grampy’s flat cap!

Rugby Shirts

To be honest, you can usually get away with just a red rugby shirt, especially for boys on St David’s Day. Have a hunt around your local charity shops. They don’t need to have the latest official shirts.

Welsh Cakes

St David's Day - homemade welshcakes

Is there anything better than a hot cup of tea and a Welsh cake? If you don’t fancy buying them then they’re quite straight-forward to make yourself. WalesOnline claim they know how to make the perfect Welsh Cake. You’ll also find a fab recipe on BBC Good Food, as well loads of other St David’s Day related food. If you have a favourite recipe, why not share it in the comments below!

Photo Credits: National Assembly for WalesPostcard Farm and ohefin via Compfight cc

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