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Thursday 18th August 2016 is A-Level Results Day. You probably know that already, if you’ve got a 17 or 18 year old at home.

A-Level Results Day can be a nervy time for young people and even for parents but with a few quick tips, here’s how you can support your daughter or son.

1. Don’t panic

This applies to both you and offspring! No matter what results they get, there are always options open.

  • Remind them it’s not the end of the world if they didn’t get the results they hoped for – lots of successful people didn’t get the results they wanted either
  • Support them to think carefully about what is it they really want to do
  • These results can be a point in their life where they can look at other possibilities – this could be an exciting and positive turning point
  • Remember, people can always re-sit exams

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2. Contacting their choices

If your son or daughter is heading to college or university, and they didn’t get the A-Level results they needed for their conditional offer, then everything is not lost. Contact the university or college to see if they will still accept them. Universities can also help by talking through different options. So have the relevant university or college’s number to hand on the day.

3. Clearing & Adjustment

Clearing and Adjustment are two sides of the same coin.

If your child has done better than expected then they may wish to consider going through Adjustment, to look at alternative courses.


If on the other hand they didn’t get the A-Level results they were after, then they may wish to consider going through Clearing. This means looking for other courses that still have placed available. The full clearing list is on the UCAS website.

The school’s careers advisor should be on hand and in the school on A-Level results day to provide support to pupils and students. Teachers are usually present as well. Careers Wales can offer advice too, and their number is 0800 028 4844.

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Careers Wales: How they can help your child (video)

4. Considering other options

University isn’t the only option for young people leaving school. Other avenues you can explore with your daughter or son can include gap years, apprenticeships or employment. Remember there is always resits too.

5. Be positive and supportive

If they open their envelopes and don’t get the A-Level results they wanted it can feel like the worst news in the world, but in a few years time they might be pleased with the results they got. Although exams are important, they’re not the be all and end all. Your son or daughter may not want to hear that on Thursday, but it’s important that you’re positive and supportive. Signpost them to some of the links below, as well as have important phone numbers to hand and be there for them.

Useful links for young people on A-Level Results Day


Meic – Information, advice and advocacy helpline for children and young people in Wales – Phone: 080880 23456 – text: 84001 – IM

Careers Wales Logo for A-Levels Results Day Article

Careers Wales (in particular their Where Now? Guide) – Free careers information and advice for young people, adults, parents, employers and professionals in Wales – Phone 0800 028 4844 – IM

Exam Results Helpline Logo for GCSE Results Day Article

UCAS’s Exam Results Helpline – Free, independent advice, on what to do next – 0808 100 8000. Also check their blog.

The Mix Logo for A-Levels Results Day article

The Mix – Essential support for Under 25s – Freephone 0808 808 4994 – IM. Check their Results Day and FAQ: Gap Years articles.

Finally here’s a quick recap for parents from Careers Wales

Results Tips For Parents from Careers Wales


Want to find out about services available to you and your child in your area? Would you like to chat about family matters in general? Then get in touch with the FamilyPoint Cymru helpline.

  • Phone: 0300 222 57 57
  • Text: 07860 052 905
  • Instant message (see top of page)

We are open 6pm – 10pm Monday to Thursday and 10am – 2pm Friday & Saturday.

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