About FamilyPoint Cymru – Frequently Asked Questions

What is FamilyPoint Cymru?

FamilyPoint is a multi-channel communication bilingual service for families in Wales signposting them to essential services, financial and practical support and local information.  

The service is for anyone with responsibility for the wellbeing of children and young people in Wales; parents, relatives, carers, guardians and professionals. Its primary objective is to raise awareness of available services and programmes, ensuring access to information and practical support is available to low income families and those most in need.

FamilyPoint Cymru signposts and promotes services via the website and social-media as well as providing direct communication through a telephone information line, texting and instant messaging service.

FamilyPoint Cymru features regular news features, articles, general parenting advice, competitions and links to local/regional and national organisations will appeal to a wider family audience.

How is it funded?

FamilyPoint is a three year project funded by the Welsh Government’s Children and Families Grant being delivered by Promo-Cymru in partnership with Children in Wales, Action for Children and Diverse Cymru.

How has FamilyPoint Cymru been developed?

The service has been developed in consultation with families, engaging 141 parents in Phase 1 developments to identify what information and support they most need and barriers they face when accessing services.

FamilyPoint Cymru has held a number of meetings across Wales with a wide range of stakeholders that include Local Authority FIS and tackling poverty delivery programme teams such as Communities First, Families First, Flying Start, and Supporting People.  We have taken on board their feedback, working to ensure FamilyPoint Cymru doesn’t duplicate information by providing content on local pages of the website that lead more families in need to their services.  

We’ll be engaging more families throughout Wales for the next phase of developments and providing feedback to those we’ve already consulted, testing aspects of the service and making improvements as necessary.

How have families and professionals informed the development of FamilyPoint Cymru?

We have taken on board feedback from families on the range of ways they prefer to receive information e.g. smartphones, SMS, bulletin updates, telephone helplines, school newsletters.

Families have also input into the branding – colours and imagery;  web design – navigation and indexing structures; and language – pitched for families.  This ensures that as the end user, they can relate to information and easily find what they’re looking for.

Consultation with professionals has helped to identify gaps in current service provision or areas where family resources are scattered and hard to find.  This has led to FamilyPoint Cymru focusing on creating a central hub that pulls information into one place and generating relevant content to support existing services.

How are decisions made?

FamilyPoint Cymru consults with a Project Advisory Board who meet three times a year, made up of representatives from Family Information Services, Communities 1st, Families First, Flying Start and the Supporting People Programme from counties across Wales and a parent representative.  We are developing ‘FamilyPointers’ –  a group of parents who can be used for consultation and to provide opinions to the Board.

How is FamilyPoint Cymru working with DEWIS?

DEWIS is a database which can be searched by postcode therefore providing a directory of local services, information and resources aimed at adults (18+) and the older generation. It is currently available in North Wales and being rolled out in counties across Wales.  FamilyPoint Cymru is not a database but signposts families to key services and information through rich content and its search function which both link to external service providers.  FamilyPoint and DEWIS are in a reciprocal partnership.

How can I promote my service on FamilyPoint Cymru?

If you support families in Wales through a programme, project, event, activity or service then we would like to hear from you.  We may publish a feature on our website, promote it in our newsletter and social media or ask you to invite you to do an online Q&A session with families or give your expert advice to posts from families on our website.  To submit an article click here or to have a general discussion about getting involved with FamilyPoint Cymru then contact us.