Anglesey Supporting People Programme

Last updated: June 27, 2017

About Anglesey Supporting People Programme

The Supporting People Anglesey Programme can provide you with help and advice if you have housing related questions or need support with managing your home.  Here are the main things they can help you with:

  • Managing, budgeting and paying your bills
  • Support to settle into and maintain your home and manage a tenancy
  • Help to ensure that you are safe and secure in your own home
  • Provide information about community alarm services, sheltered or managed accommodation
  • Support with filling in forms and other paper work
  • Support to make appointments
  • Being able to live independently
  • Feeling part of your local community
  • Referral to other expert services within the statutory and voluntary sectors
  • Support to search for paid or voluntary work
  • Support to live contented lives and to improve health and welfare where appropriate

It should be noted that the programme is not limited to the services above only.

You find out more about different services and accommodation within the Supporting People Anglesey Programme in the Anglesey SPP directory.

Who is this for?

The Supporting People Anglesey Programme (SPP) can support you if you may be at risk of becoming homeless, whether you own your own home, renting privately, live in sheltered housing, a hostel or refuge.

You can get help if you are:

  • A homeless family, or at risk of becoming homeless – including single and two parent families
  • Seeking refuge from domestic abuse
  • An older person with support needs
  • A young person without support or care leaver
  • An adult who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • An ex-offender or at risk of offending
  • Black, Asian or minority ethnic (BME)
  • Traveller
  • Refugee
  • You have a physical or sensory disability
  • You have mental health needs
  • You have a chronic illness – including HIV and AIDS related conditions
  • People who have needs that are connected to learning disabilities

If you’re not eligible for Supporting People Programme, there may be other services that are available to you.  Please contact Anglesey Family Information Service for more information.

Works with

Additional Needs / Disability / Health and Well-being / Homelessness / Housing

Anglesey Supporting People Programme

01248 75 20 74

Supporting People Programme
Council Building
LL77 7TW

Office Hours

9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Other Anglesey Services

Family Information Service Anglesey

Family Information Service Anglesey

Childcare / Information / Support for Parents / Things to do / Parenting / Money

Family Information Service Anglesey (FIS) can provide information on registered childcare and also activities for you and your family.

Flying Start Anglesey

Anglesey Flying Start

Childcare / Health and well-being / Parenting Support / Speech, Language and Communication Support

Flying Start Anglesey is a targeted programme which means that it is only available in 5 geographic areas on the Isle of Anglesey. A strict postcode eligibility criteria does apply. To find out whether Flying Start operates in your area please phone the Flying Start team.

Families First Anglesey

Anglesey Families First

Employment / Education / Health and Well-being / Money / Parenting


The Families First Anglesey programme helps families who are facing difficulties, especially those on low-incomes. They offer different types of support depending on what your needs are.

supporting people anglesey

Anglesey Supporting People Programme

Additional Needs / Disability / Health and Well-being / Homelessness / Housing

Anglesey’s Supporting People Programme can provide housing related support to help you improve your quality of life.

Supporting People can offer you support whether you own your own home, renting privately, or live in sheltered housing, a hostel or refuge.