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A 9-month-old baby’s sleeping pattern has changed. Her mother is struggling to cope and is worried that there may be something wrong. She’s contacted FamilyPoint to ask for advice.

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Hi FamilyPoint,

My 9 month-old daughter has suddenly started to cry a lot in her cot at night, which is disturbing everyone’s sleep. She used to sleep so well and I’d gotten used to getting a good nights sleep again after giving up breastfeeding over three months ago. I don’t know what’s wrong. It doesn’t matter what I try she just screams until someone picks her up. She has also started to get very tearful and tired during the day, and has lost her appetite. Please help! I feel like I’m failing her and I’m reaching the end of my tether with it all.

FamilyPoint’s Advice

Thank you for contacting Family Point about your situation with your 9-month-old daughter. With a sudden change in her sleeping pattern, and confusion around her crying in the cot at night, I can appreciate it’s a very difficult time for you and the other people living in the house.


Take care of yourself too

It sounds as though the lack of sleep could be contributing to her lack of energy and appetite during the day, and that you understandably feel somehow to blame. I can hear that you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the situation and that it is also affecting your own emotional health and wellbeing. A good thing for you would be thinking of ways to help yourself as well as your daughter.

It’s important that you’re reassured and aware that this is a very common situation, and a baby experiences a number of different stages in their development, which can affect their sleep and mood. So, you are not failing her or to blame for what is going on.


Ask for advice

A change in sleeping patterns at this age is normal but it may be a good idea to visit your GP. You can rule out any possible medical conditions that could be contributing to her current change in sleeping and eating habits.

Talk to your Health Visitor about different sleeping strategies. They can give you practical tips and advice to manage her current mood.

Visit the NHS Choices website. There is a very useful article on sleep problems in young children that may be helpful.

Help for you

There’s lots of advice and support out there for you as a mother on how to manage your own emotional health and wellbeing. Family Lives is a great organisation that have loads of informative articles and run a helpline for parents and carers that listens, supports and doesn’t judge.

They have a specific article on their website, ‘Eight Months and Still Waking‘, discussing what might be causing a lack of sleep in an 8-month-old baby. They have tips on things that you can do to try and help your baby, and what you can do to try and help yourself.

All the best to you with everything. Hopefully you’ll be getting a better night’s sleep soon enough.

Take Care

The FamilyPoint Team

FamilyPoint Helpline

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