BBQ: How To Have A Safe, Cheap & Fun One!

Things To Do | by | 29th May 2017

Lovely Sausages on a BBQ

It’s that time of year when the sunshine comes out and so does the BBQ!

We’ve put together some useful tips on how to make the most of your BBQ this summer. Also we’ve got some safety and money saving tips to make sure you have a feast to remember for the right reasons!

Have a safe BBQ

5 ways to have a safe BBQ

1. Keep all your perishable ingredients in the fridge until you serve them

Often with a BBQ people are lounging about for a while, so avoid taking the food out until it’s time to eat.

2. All frozen meat should be thawed before you start to cook it on the BBQ

Otherwise meat could appear to be cooked on the outside but still raw on the inside. Also ensure in particular that chicken, pork and burgers are thoroughly cooked.

3. Watch out for dripping meat and fish juices

Also avoid trailing raw meat or fish over cooked food and do not use leftover marinade as a sauce.

4. Don’t leave food out for more than two hours

Two hours is the recommended time before the risk of bacteria and food poisoning becomes serious.

5. Don’t get burned

It’s also important to keep safe due to the fire risk and heat of the BBQ. The Fire Service have created a useful guide with handy tips to keep everyone safe.

BBQ Coals

5 money saving BBQ tips

1. Make the most of the pound shop

You can get all your essentials such as paper plates, napkins, and cutlery, as cheap as possible in your local pound shop.

2. Get a head count of who’s coming

It will save you time and money if you know how many people will be coming. You can then make enough but not too much food, so you won’t be throwing food away then saving you the cost.

3. DIY burgers

Mince is much cheaper to buy than packs of burgers that are already made. Also homemade burgers are not only cost effective but nicer and healthier too.

4. Shop the special offers

A lot of supermarkets offer seasonal promotions and BBQ meat is usually on offer over the summer. So make sure you shop around to save those pennies!

5. Ask your guests to bring their own pudding

Straight away this will halve the cost of your spending. Also guests are usually more than willing to bring something to other people’s gatherings.

Balloons for BBQ

3 classic BBQ game ideas

1. Balloon tennis

So much fun but so easy and cheap to make as well. Get two paper plates and glue a wooden stick to make two bats, blow a balloon and have hours of fun playing balloon tennis.

 2. Sponge darts

Draw 4 circles with chalk on concrete, start off with a small circle and then draw a larger one around the smallest one and carry on to create a dartboard affect. Decide on points for each circle. Then make two teams and get some sponges to throw into the circles to collect points. Keep the score and whichever team has the most points wins!

3. Minute to win it!

Get some paper cups and set a timer. You get a minute to make a tall tower with the cups. There’s lots of fun to be had as you try and beat the tallest tower and the clock!

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