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Creative and cheap birthday party ideas for a 6 year old are the order of the day for Maggie. Do you have any tips for this week’s A Problem Shared…?

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My daughter is turning 6 in October. She’s never had a birthday party, usually just get together with family. I am thinking if now is the time to throw her one and invite her school friends?

I have been to a few in welfare halls and leisure centres with bouncy castles, party entertainer, party games etc. but would like a party that’s more unusual, creative and interesting and doesn’t break the bank. Any ideas?

Also, is it okay to just invite a select few kids from his class or must I include all 36 of them?

Maggie from Bridgend

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Our FamilyPoint advice to Maggie…

Hi Maggie

Thanks for contacting FamilyPoint. All parents out there feel for you – the dreaded school birthday party! It”s great that you’ve managed to keep it a family affair for 6 years. On a more serious note though – it really is down to your family personal preferences.

What does your daughter want? It might be good to have a conversation with her about whether she wants to keep with tradition and family only, or whether she wants to have a party with friends from school there too.

It’s only natural to worry about “party etiquette” and whether you should invite the whole class, but again – that comes down to personal preferences, taking into account your finances (a whole class party can be an expensive business) and what your daughter would like.

Children, even at 6, are usually clear about whether they prefer a small gathering of their close friends, or would rather have something which includes all members of their class. It is a good idea to look at the sort of budget you have and some ideas you might be able to suggest before you start discussions with your daughter – to enable you to set her expectations realistically.

If you decide on a smaller gathering, then this is easier to hold in your home (which keeps costs down but also means that unless you get someone to do it for you, you are responsible for managing the children and also the clearing up!)

You might want to take a look at one of our articles, which provides plenty of ideas for creative but budget conscious parties:

Cheap Birthday Ideas for a Memorable Kid’s Party

If you don’t want to host the party yourself there are plenty of companies out there who provide parties ranging from around £80 plus including:

Lizard party - Birthday Party APS

Reptile parties

Reptile parties (you can host these in your home or in e.g. your local community centre and the companies provide various reptiles (snakes, toads, bearded dragons etc) with a trainer who provides educational info and fun together with supervised handling. Very popular with the children.

Bowling parties

Bowling parties – book a lane or two at your local bowling alley – if it’s a party you can also opt in for food and they usually throw in a present and photo for the birthday child.

Trampolining or gymnastics parties

Trampolining or gymnastics party – local leisure centres, gymnastics clubs and trampoline parks will all provide birthday party packages to suit different budgets.

Good luck with whatever you decide upon, and wishing your daughter a very happy and fun 6th birthday.

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The FamilyPoint Cymru Team

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