Careers Wales: How they can help your child (video)

Education News | by | 31st Mar 2016

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Sometimes, young people need support to help them transition from school to what comes next. We met with Dylan Evans from Careers Wales to find out more.

Getting support for the changes between school and what comes next, whether it’s a job or further education, is called Transition Planning. It’s about young people finding out what their goals and dreams are to help them prepare for the future.  This includes:

  • what type of job they would like to have
  • how they would like to spend their spare time
  • where they’d like to live

For young people with additional needs or disabilities, having the future they want involves a bit more planning. Careers Wales have Additional Learning Specialists who will start discussions with you and your child in Year 9, and co-ordinate meetings with the school, local college, employers and Social Services to make sure that everything links up and you get the best support for your child.


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We met with Dylan Evans from Careers Wales to find out more.

How can Careers Wales support your child?

When does careers support for my child begin?

What options are available after Year 11?

What is a Learning Skills Plan?

What happens if my child doesn’t have a statement?

How can Careers Wales support parents?

Get in touch with Careers Wales

For more information, contact:

0800 024 4844

Got a question about Transition Planning, or the steps between school and a career? Don’t hesitate to get in touch on the FamilyPoint helpline. Call us on 0300 222 57 57, 6pm – 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays, 10am – 2pm on Fridays to Saturdays.

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