How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Kids

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heart colouring - How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your KidsWhether you’re in a relationship or not, you don’t need to have a partner to be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can make it a special occasion with your children instead.

We’ve got some great ideas to share for you to enjoy a fun filled, cheap day with your loved ones.

DIY cards and decorations

What’s Valentine’s without a card! You and the kids can spend a crafty afternoon creating your own Valentine cards and hanging decorations. It doesn’t need to be anything too complicated.

Cards: Take a white piece of card and fold in half. Take a red piece of card and cut out a heart shape and stick onto the white card. Easy peasy for all, and if they’re really young you can cut out the heart shape ready for them to stick. You could also draw and colour in hearts or create heart stampers with potatoes or a bent toilet roll holder (see above photo).

Decorations: Create beautiful heart hanging decorations really easily with just paper and a stapler. Just cut 1-inch strips of paper (they can be any colour – you can even cut strips from magazines or newspapers). Then use a stapler to staple two strips together and create a heart shape. Visit this blog on for step-by-step instructions.

Make your own gifts

Want to give a special gift from the heart? It can mean a lot more than some cheap tat bought from the shop.

Thumbprint heart bookmarks: Cut a red piece of card into the size you want. Cut some white card slightly smaller and glue on top. Press your thumb into some red paint or ink and press onto the white card at two different angles to create a heart shape. You can add ribbon and decorations to your hearts content. For a step-by-step guide visit the blog on

Homemade Vouchers: These are great gifts to give as you don’t have to pay anything for them (unless the thing stated on the voucher will cost you money of course). Personalise them to what each child really likes: a free hour on the computer when they want, cooking a cake with you, having friends over for a sleepover etc. There are loads of ideas floating around the Internet but we liked these downloadable ones that have some great ideas on them like staying up 20 minutes later and having dessert before food!

Love notes: Have fun creating notes for each other saying what you really love about the other person. Maybe they give great hugs or they’re really good at sharing. Allocate a different colour paper for everyone. Hide them around the house and have a treasure hunt to try and find your coloured notes.

A heart themed trip out

Want to get the kids out in the fresh air on Valentines Day? Here are some things you can do.

Collecting pebbles: Head out to a beach or other area that’s likely to have lots of pebbles or stone and have fun searching through looking for heart shaped ones. If you can’t find any, take a nicely shaped pebble home and paint it with hearts or other fun patterns.

Getting arty outside: Get a load of coloured chalk and draw hearts on the floor in your garden or pavement. It can look really lovely and may bring a smile to the faces of other people passing too.

A fun night in

You don’t need to go out to have fun. You can create a fun night in instead.

Valentine disco: Create a fun playlist with the children and have a disco in the living room. Let everyone have a say in what music is played. You can decorate the room with the heart decorations above too.

A romantic film: Romantic films aren’t just for adults. Think Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and The Beast and Enchanted for the younger ones. Or Romeo and Juliet, Dirty Dancing and Twilight for the older ones. Change into your pajamas, pull a blanket over and share some popcorn and chocolates. (All links take you to the relevant page on the Common Sense Media site which looks at the age appropriate content of films and gives parents opinion of what age the film really should be. Useful if you think something might be appropriate for your child even if the age rating is higher).

Loving food and drinks

You don’t have to go out to a posh, expensive restaurant for a Valentine’s meal; you can create a great Valentine themed indoor picnic at home.

Drinks: You don’t need to buy a load of fresh ingredients to create fancy mocktails (although you can if you want – there are loads of mocktail recipes available on the internet). You can create cheap Valentine’s drinks by serving pink lemonade, strawberry milkshake or some non-alcoholic fizz.

Food: If you invest in a heart cutter then almost any food can become Valentine themed! You might have one in the back of your cupboard already or you can pick up some cookie cutters very cheaply. Then it’s up to you: heart shaped sandwiches or toast, heart shaped burgers, eggs or even pancakes. You can also use the cookie cutters as they are meant to be used and create some heart shaped shortbread. There are some lovely chocolate dipped ones in this recipe.

How about baking a homemade pizza? Just roll your dough into a heart shape rather than a circle. Or how about cutting grapes or cherry tomatoes at an angle and stick them back together so that they create a heart shape. Or strawberries already come in a great heart shape already (although you can trim with a knife if they’re not quite the shape you want).

We hope that this blog has given you some great ideas of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

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