Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts and Food

Things To Do | by | 4th Apr 2019

Need some inspiration for things to do with the kids over Easter? Take a look at some of our ideas of Easter crafts and foodstuff that are easy for the little ones too.

With two weeks holidays to look forward to it can be difficult to think of different ways to keep the kids busy, but Easter is a perfect excuse to get creative with them. Check out our 5 Easter activities that are easy enough for everyone.

1. Bunny Handprint Card

This is a great one to do with little kids, and a great keepsake for any grandparents or aunties and uncles. Paint their hand white (leaving out the thumb) and get stamping and decorating. Check out this blog on .

2. Shredded Wheat Nests

An oldie but a goodie. These have been around since time began, and we’ve all probably created or eaten them at some point. The beauty of it is that they are really easy to make with the kids and require no baking. You can also change the cereal used to one that they prefer – rice krispies, cornflakes etc. Check out this easy guide on the bbcgoodfoodblog. Bagsy licking the bowl!

3. Bunny Corner Bookmark

A bit of origami might be better for some of the older kids, but younger kids will be able to make them too with some help. These would make lovely gifts as well if money is tight and you wanted to give someone something that isn’t more chocolate! Step by step guide on the blog.

4. Fruity Easter Platter

I know it might strike some of you as a crazy idea, but are you fed up of chocolate yet? Are the kids’ eggs piling up and getting out of control? Take a break from the cocoa for a bit and have fun creating a colourful and healthy Easter egg shaped fruit platter. If the children are too young to cut the fruit, then cut them for them and let them arrange them into an Easter egg pattern. This would look great if you’re having family or friends around over Easter.

5. Easy Egg Hunt

Easter isn’t complete without an Easter egg hunt these days. But it doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate and complicated affair. To make it fun you could create bunny footprints by cutting out the paw shape from a piece of paper or cardboard. Get some icing sugar or flour, pour through your footprint and make a trail of bunny footprints to lead to the eggs. This is perfect for the outdoors. To cut costs, you could even leave them a trail of their own favourite toys to collect along their way and their Easter egg as a surprise at the end. This is guaranteed to keep them busy for a while!

Hopefully some of these suggestions will keep you busy over Easter. If you’re looking for some cheap or free events over Easter check out what National Museum Wales have to offer: trails, crafts, music, fairground, balloons, movies, face painting, science etc. all going on at 7 different locations across Wales.F

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