Cheap Halloween Tricks and Treats

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Pumpkin for Cheap Halloween

Looking for ways to reduce the cost of Halloween?

Here’s our tricks and treats for a low-cost Halloween including decorations, costumes and recipes…

Cheap Halloween Decorations

Hanging Bats

Items needed: Black card, string, scissors, sellotape

What you do:

  • Cut black card into bat shapes
  • Cut string to required lengths
  • Fix string to bat shapes using sellotape
  • Suspend from ceiling and enjoy your new bat cave!


It’s just not Halloween without a carved pumpkin! You will need a nice steady hand when using a kitchen knife so it might be best to make sure the kids aren’t around, especially if they’re hyper from all the treats! Alternatively have 5 pumpkin designs that toddlers can do as they don’t involve carving.

Want some tips on how to carve a pumpkin? Check out this video:

Also, don’t let that delicious pumpkin flesh go to waste, scroll down for some simple pumpkin recipes!

Ghostly Graveyard

Items needed: Several large cereal boxes, grey paint, a black pen, scissors, sellotape

What you do:

  • Cut one cereal box to form a base
  • Sellotape a complete box to the base
  • Paint it grey
  • Write RIP in black pen on the grey painted box!

Red Lightbulbs

Replace the lightbulbs in your house for the night with red bulbs for gory mood lighting! You can buy them cheaply at many hardware stores, or online. This one can be a nice surprise for your kids to come home to!

Halloween Treats

Banana Ghouls

Items needed: Bananas (works best with small, wide ones!), white chocolate, coconut shavings, lolly sticks and chocolate drops.

What you do:

  • Cut bananas in two
  • Push lolly sticks into the banana halves
  • Melt white chocolate and dip bananas into the melted chocolate
  • Cover in coconut shavings
  • Add chocolate drops for eyes
  • Refrigerate to let the chocolate set!


Most pumpkins are bought for carving lanterns, but the middle is where all the good stuff is! The leftover flesh is delicious, full of vitamins and minerals and can be used for loads of stuff. We’ve found a few of the best pumpkin recipes to help your money go a bit further at Halloween, click through for the links:

Also check out our A Problem Shared from last year on healthy Halloween food…

A Problem Shared: Healthy Halloween Treats

Bobbing Apples

A classic Halloween game and an easy way to persuade your children to eat some fruit! Simply pop some apples in a basin of water, see if they can catch an apple in their mouth without using their hands. For smaller children, don’t forget to buys smaller apples, and if they have wobbly teeth this could even be a good way to get the tooth fairy to visit!

Homemade halloween costumes

While some of you may be covered in fake blood, vampire teeth or dressed head-to-toe in a bed sheet, it can be pretty pricey to fit little monsters out in supermarket or hired costumes. So why not make your own Halloween outfit?

The Recyclebot

Using a large cardboard box, toilet paper tubes and egg boxes, make your own little recycled robot! Once you have cut a head sized hole on one side of a large cardboard box and two side slots for arms, use PVA glue to add on straws, buttons and robo bits to the front! You can usually buy metallic spray paint in pound shops, as well as straws and buttons to decorate the costume if they aren’t lying around. Hopefully, you can reuse things in the house though!

Candybot or Recycle bot for Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: Patrick Buechner, Flickr

The Mummy

This is another classic costume – you can’t go wrong! You’ll need white trousers or shorts, a white t-shirt, and some toilet paper to wrap around your child’s body. Buying some cheap white face paint to finish off the look can add to the mummified look.

Costume Swap-Shop

Not feeling creative? Why not organise a swap-shop with other parents in which children can trade their costumes from previous years with other children? This then means free costumes and a fun pre-halloween event for children!

We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. If your children are trick or treating encourage them to wear reflective clothing and take a torch, only go to houses of people you know, and not to talk to strangers. If you experience anti-social behaviour during this time you can call 101 to report it to the police.

FamilyPoint Helpline

If there are any other problems your family is having, then call our advisors on the FamilyPoint Cymru helpline. The helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. They can help you to find organisations that can help.

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