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child nearly an adult


As a parent, the days can feel long while the years feel short and, before you know it, your kids are leaving school and starting jobs. Sandra, a member of Westwood PTA in Buckley, explains how it feels when your child is nearly an adult.

When my son turned 16 years old, in my eyes, he was still my little boy. But, in the eyes of the law, he was able to leave school and get a job or go off to college.

My son leaving school was a real eye-opener for me and I realised that it’s not just a change for him but also a change for me. Everything you have known for the past 13 years is going to change. No uniform to wash and iron for the Monday morning!

“For some 16-year-olds, leaving school could be really nerve-wracking”

They don’t provide Sixth Form study anymore at the high school that he attended, so whatever my son wanted to do for his future, he was going to move on. I am so pleased with how he has handled the situation of leaving his high school – he’s done that really well. However, I can imagine that for some 16-year-olds, leaving school could be really nerve-wracking.

Westwood #7 child adult growing up child is nearly an adultThey have a Sixth Form in another local school, but that is a bus ride away for him. Around our area, we visited two colleges: one is Deeside College in Connah’s Quay and the other is Yale College in Wrexham. Both of these colleges provide a bus from our hometown to the destination, which is really helpful. In the case of the bus not turning up (or missing the bus!), we have some great transport here. There is even the option of getting a train to either of the colleges.

We had a few interviews to attend with him starting college this September (his first choice was ICT in Yale College). I just hope that he really enjoys it and finds the whole experience interesting rather than nerve-wracking.

There is a lot that the 16-year-olds have to go through all in that year: GCSE’s, leaving school and starting a new high school or college… even starting a job.


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