12 Christmas Blogs #4: 10 Christmas Treats: Family Suggestions

Things To Do | by | 22nd Dec 2016

12 Christmas Blogs #4: 10 Christmas Treats: Family Suggestions

Welcome to the fourth of our 12 Christmas Blogs that will lead you through the festivities up to the 2nd of January. We will be looking at lots of different subjects including coping with the stresses of Christmas, recipe ideas, debt, savings and New Year’s resolutions. So come back each day to see what topic we’ll be discussing.

Today we look at some great Christmas treat recipes that were suggested by some of our families. Perfect as edible gifts or to add to your Christmas table.

1. Nutella Christmas Tree – Tania, mum from Caernarfon

“O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree,

How lovely are thy NUTELLA branches?!”

Spread the Christmas joy this year with this truly wonderful Hazlenut-y pastry with a twist!

(You’ll see what I did there if you watch this really joyful video:)

2. Christmas pudding Rice Krispie cakes – Emma, mum from Caerphilly

“I’ve made these with my young daughter – and I’d highly recommend” – Emma.

“How could Christmas pudding possibly be improved? I know, let’s add milk chocolate, white chocolate, Rice Krispies, marshmallows and crunchy peanut butter!” This made-up conversation was obviously what the ingenious inventor of this tempting treat was thinking. Because Christmas actually doesn’t have enough marshmallows in it…

Image and full recipe here at BBC.

3. Perfect pretzels – Sam from Grangetown, Cardiff

Baked. Festive. Goodness.

You’ve probably seen them in Christmas markets around Wales but did you know, they’re actually quite easy to make at home? And they’re perfect with that beer you were bought for Christmas.

It is the seasoning that makes me jolly… just add salt, or nothing! (#dadjoke)

Top tip: Cut your Pretzel open and use it as the base for Welsh rarebit or cheese on toast!

Recommended by Sam from Grangetown, here are two he made earlier… and here’s the prized pretzel recipe.

There are over a thousand Christmas pretzel recipes and pictures on Pinterest… sink your teeth into these

4. Mum’s mince pies made easy – Cindy, mum from Port Talbot

We don’t want to add anything to Cindy’s recipe and photos – except our seal of approval:

“I’ve made my own mincemeat pies with my young son before. It’s dead easy:

  • Just buy a jar of mincemeat from the supermarket and a tube of JusRoll puff pastry/shortcrust (depends on what you prefer).
  • You’d need mince pie baking tins (very cheap from the supermarket), plain flour and cookie cutters.
  • On a clean counter top, dust flour on, unroll the pastry till around 2mm thick, cut it out, lay it in the mould, put a spoonful of mincemeat in the middle, then cut out a star shape with cutter, lay it on the top, and bake!

If you want to put in more effort, I suppose you could make your own pastry and your own mincemeat, but this way is quicker and easier with children.”

5. Don’t like mince pies? Try individual apple pies – Pat from Cardiff

“For those who don’t like mince pies, I usually make individual apple pies – they don’t last long. You can put cinnamon and sultanas in them or add a fresh raspberry or two into them as well. Lush and just bite-sized.”

If you’re looking for a good basic apple pie recipe, why not try this one by the BBC?

Source: BBC

6. Left-over Christmas cake marzipan? Magic up Marzipan fruits – Salli from Cardiff

Salli says, “Something we did in school (Year 7) was use the left over marzipan from the Christmas cakes to make small “fruits” using cloves as stalks (yuck) and food colouring to paint the sculpted fruits appropriate colours.

“We made them into gift boxes using a stencil on paper (pre-internet) and used petit four cases to pop the fruits in. The boxes were covered in cellophane and tied with ribbon, and the handmade gifts delivered to grandparents/aunts/parents.”

There are lots of recipes for this on the web – but they all basically say “roll fruit shapes, food dye them, no baking required.”

Source: Food Network

7. Edible Play Doh – Salli from Cardiff again!

“I saw a recipe the other day for edible Play Doh. The kids could make a nativity scene with the coloured sweet dough, or stars, trees, angels, sheep, baubles, etc – and then eat them!

“Not very healthy but fun to play with, if you are 4-84!”

Yes, edible play dough exists and yes, you can make it at home! Here’s how, thanks to BuzzFeed.

Maybe the wise men followed a star just like this (eyes not edible!)? Image source: wikimedia.

8. Gingerbread people – Loraine, a grandmother from Cardiff

Gingerbread. Not too expensive, endless shapes (well, if you have endless cutters and imagination!) and easy to decorate. Here’s a really simple recipe to create those fun family memories in the kitchen!

We’d be taking you for a ride if we say we know how to make that slade…

Also, here’s a Gingerbread Christmas Trees recipe from ‘funintheoven’ from Glamorgan via allrecipes.co.uk here. Looking to wow? See more gingerbread ideas below.

9. Gingerbread reindeer – Iris, grandmother from Penarth

I had my mind blown this morning by this suggestion… ever realised you can turn a gingerbread man upside down, add a little brown nose in the middle and you’ve made a reindeer?! Put the legs in the air for antlers. Add a little red nose if you want a Rudolph!

Image source: SheKnows via Pinterest

10. The Show-stopper: Gingerbread trifle

Remember, “desserts” is “stressed” spelt backwards – and this is the perfect way to unwind with the kids this Christmastime whilst impressing just about everyone you know with your social media pictures! Here’s how. And here’s why:

Image source: Sainsbury’s

Do you have any great Christmas treat recipes to share? Comment below and share your photos with us if you decided to make any of the above. Enjoy.

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