Gifting With Love: A Handmade Christmas

Things To Do | by | 10th Dec 2018

Christmas is a really expensive time for families and there’s pressure to give gifts to a growing list of people: family, friends, teachers, child-minders, dance / instrument / football (insert/delete as appropriate) teachers, neighbours, the postman, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker!

Over the years we’ve put quite a few DIY gift idea articles on FamilyPoint, so we’ve taken some of our favourite ideas from these and included them below. Hopefully these will help you save some pennies this Christmas.

Something to eat

Christmas puddings handmade Christmas

Image and full recipe here at BBC.

Baked goods can make a great gift for those awkward people who have everything or who have a sweet tooth. You could buy some cakes, biscuits or sweets from the supermarket but baking something yourself shows that you really care. Place them in some cellophane bags and tie with ribbon. Edible goods can make a great and thoughtful gift.

Christmas pudding Rice Krispie cakes

This is really Christmassy, looks fun and doesn’t involve any baking. These are really easy for the kids to make and they taste fantastic. Full recipe available on the BBC Good Food pages.


Pom pom garlands handmade Christmas

Images and instructions via the Tara Dennis blog

A pom-pom garland

Bunting is so last year! This year it’s all about pom poms. Do you remember making them as a child? Easy right? So get crafting those small multi coloured pom poms with the kids, thread them on some string, and give a gift that’s bang on trend. This blog by Tara Dennis shows how to make small pom poms really easily by using a normal dinner fork.


Children writing for Homemade Xmas article

Children’s poems or paintings

These are especially good for grandparents and elderly relatives. Use nice paper and coloured pens. When finished, roll up the paper like a scroll and use a ribbon to tie around it.

If your children are babies then handprints are a great way of creating lovely drawings and are a great keepsake.


Stirring cholcolate handmade Christmas

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Popping up everywhere are the hot chocolate stirrers that you pop into a mug of milk and melt the chocolate to create a delicious hot chocolate drink. They can be quite expensive but can be recreated easily, and cheaply at home. All you need is some sunflower oil, chocolate of your choice and whatever decorations you want to use on the top. You will also need some wooden lollipop sticks and empty fromage frais pots to use as moulds. It’s as simple as melting the chocolate, pouring into the moulds and sprinkling the decorations on top. Here’s an easy recipe on the BBC Good Food site that you can follow.


A jar packed with love

Wash and take the labels off an old jam jar. Cut lots of small pieces of paper and write reasons why you love them, special quotes, favourite memories, drawings etc. Colour and decorate them. Place them all in the jar. You could pop some little chocolates in with them as well if you want. Decorate the jar in any way you like with glitters, buttons, ribbons etc. If you can, why not create 365 pieces of paper with one to open every day of the year? Check this how to video.



Further ideas

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Save Money With A Homemade Christmas

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