Halloween: Parents Survival Guide

Things To Do | by | 24th Oct 2016

Halloween Survival Guide

It’s almost Halloween (it’s Monday 31st October 2016 FYI), so here’s our last minute guide to the spooky season for parents in Wales.

We love Halloween, or Hallowe’en if you prefer, here at FamilyPoint. Just last month we shared our guide on how to do the spooky holiday on a budget. It includes tips on making decorations, treats, and costumes, all without breaking the bank.


But with All Hallows’ Eve quickly approaching we’d thought we’d share a few more guides, a bit of advice from the police forces around Wales and why you really shouldn’t dress like a clown this year.

Activities, creative ideas and tips

5 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Toddlers

Pumpkins are everywhere in the supermarkets and can usually be picked up a £1. Parenting.com have 5 pumpkin designs that toddlers can do as they don’t involve carving. And don’t just chuck it in the bin on November 1st, BBC Good Food has 114 recipes involving pumpkin!

Painted Pumpkin for Halloween Survival Guide

21 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Happy Hooligans is a Canadian site filled with craft ideas for little ‘uns. Most of these translate across the Atlantic but you might struggle to find one or two items in your local shops. Still worth a look though!

Trick-Or-Treat Survival Kit for Parents

The Americans tend to do Halloween a bit bigger and bolder than us over here. Even so this survival kit to trick-or-treating, involving hand-warmers, plasters and glow-in-the-dark bracelets could come in handy.

Design Tips To Terrify

If you fancy getting fancy, arty and a bit designer, check Burning Red’s 16 terrifying tips.

Police advice

The four police forces across Wales all have pretty similar advice for staying safe this Halloween. This includes wearing reflective clothing and having a torch, only going to houses of people you know, not talking to strangers etc.

Dyfed-Powys are running a Be A Good Monster This Halloween campaign.

Here’s Gwent Police’s advice for parents and children. And here’s their no callers sign (PDF download)

Gwent Police Halloween Poster

North Wales Police have teamed up with North Wales Fire & Rescue Service for BANG to cover Halloween and Bonfire night. They’ve got both yes please and no thanks trick-or-treaters signs (both PDFs).

South Wales Police are going with Be A Good Monster too. On that link you’ll find a massive 12 posters to choose from, both for and against trick-or-treaters.

Remember if you are experiencing anti-social behaviour you can call 101.

Killer clowns and controversial costumes

Killer Clown for Halloween Survival Guide

You might think that a certain costume is a good idea but be aware that some choices could offend someone. It’s not our place to lecture you about what we feel is politically correct and what isn’t, but regardless of whether you think something is just a bit of fun or not, if someone feels hurt by a certain outfit it could drag your children into an argument when all they should be doing is enjoying themselves trick or treating. So have a think about your outfits beforehand. This can be more an issue for adults, there have been several cases of bad taste costumes like the students who dressed up like the Smiler roller coaster victims, or the woman who lost her job because of her distasteful choices.

If you’re still looking for a killer costume for you and your child check out BuzzFeed’s 21 Parents Who Totally Nailed It On Halloween. Just don’t go as a clown, the craze might be dying down but it’s best not to risk it.


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