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Mum and Son for Mother's Day article

This Sunday, 11th March, is Mother’s Day. Did you forget? Don’t panic, a handmade gift from the kids can be even better than a shop bought one. We’ve gathered some lovely (and easy) mother’s day gift ideas to make.

Spending a fortune on a big bunch of flowers, a huge box of chocolates or an expensive bottle of perfume is not what mother’s day is all about. It’s about showing some appreciation of all that they do. Actions can speak louder than words when it comes to showing appreciation, so get the craft and cooking supplies out and check out some great (cheap) ideas to make some personal, last minute gifts for the mother figures in your lives!

A card that shows a lot of heart

Let’s start with a special card or decoration that uses your children’s hands to make a heart shape. All you need to do is fold a coloured piece of A4 paper, place your hand with fingers splayed on the paper with your thumb and index finger against the fold of the paper creating a half heart shape. Draw around your hand and then cut out the shape of the hand being careful to leave the join at the ends of your thumb and index finger. When you unfold the paper you should have two hands creating a heart shape in the middle. You can then decorate this in any way you like.

For a step by step guide check out this guide on

A jar packed with love

Wash and take the labels off an old jam jar. Cut lots of small pieces of paper and write reasons why you love that person on them. Colour and decorate them. Younger children can draw pictures. Place them all in the jar. You could pop some little chocolates in with them as well if you want. Decorate the jar in any way you like with glitters, buttons, ribbons etc. If you can, why not create 365 pieces of paper so that she has one to open every day of the year? Check this how to video:

Stuck for what to write? I love you because….

  • You give great hugs
  • You are kind
  • The lovely meals you cook
  • You always think of us before yourself
  • The games you play are fun
  • You make us laugh

Let them eat cake!

Most people like cakes right? And most children like to help with cooking (and eating) them. So what better gift than home made cakes? Cupcakes are fairly easy to cook, ingredients are relatively cheap and you’ll probably have most of them in your cupboard already. They don’t take that long to cook, about half an hour with preparation and cooking maybe, and even less time to eat. Mmmm.

The Annabel Karmel website has a cupcake recipe that’s easy to make with the kids, and has lots of different topping ideas too.

Chocolate treats

While we’re talking about edible gifts let’s go to the staple mother’s day gift – chocolate. But rather than buy a standard box from the shop how about making some lovely chocolate treats like these chocolate lollipops or these marshmallow swizzle sticks. Or go mad and let the kids create their own chocolaty creations (but be prepared for lots of mess and lots of chocolate ‘accidentally’ finding it’s way into little mouths!)

Blooming lovely hands

The other traditional mother’s day gift is flowers of course, but inevitably flowers die! You can create your own bouquet with the children that will never wilt. Get a load of different coloured paints and lots of paper. Stamp their handprints on the paper in different colours, then cut out these handprints. Gather them together. Cut some leaf shapes from green paper. Glue them all together into a bouquet shape and wrap them up in paper or tissue paper like a bunch of flowers. Check out these ones on the WallFry Blog.

Capturing love forever

If you have time to take a photo and get it printed and framed then you can try and get all arty with your shots and take some photos of the children making heart shapes with their hands etc. You can buy really cheap frames in bargain shops or get creative and make a collage out of them. If you don’t have time then get the children to draw a special drawing and frame this.

You’re a poet but didn’t know it

Why not try and get creative with your rhymes and write a poem, lyrics or a rap for the special woman in your lives? You can hand write it or print it out and get the children to make drawings around the edge or stamp their hands on to it. And if you’re really struggling then just search mother’s day poems online to find some inspiration.

We hope this has helped give you some ideas of handmade gifts to make cheaply. There will be some very lucky women out there on Sunday. Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s and mother figures out there.

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