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Parenting & Family Advice Technology | by | 9th Feb 2018

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Whether they are just starting to venture into the World Wide Web or they’ve been surfing the Web for years, are you worried about your child using the Internet?

Safer Internet Day was held this week so we thought this was a perfect time to share some of our many articles on the subject with you. You may not be able to avoid letting your child use the Internet but you can be equipped with all the information needed to keep them safe.

Children Using The Internet – Advice & Help For Parents

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This article shares some new guides available to parents. They look at age ratings of apps and games and using safe searches and safety modes.

Creating a Safer Internet For Your Child

Creating A Safer Internet For Your Child

Looking at behaviour, filters, parental controls, teaching your children to check information, where to report illegal content or worrying behaviour.

A Problem Shared: Is 8 Too Young For a Mobile

Girl on phone image for Is 8 Too Young For a Mobile

Advice for a parent debating this issue. There’s lots of discussion on safety and social skills but it also discusses the benefits and disadvantages of having the Internet so easily available at their fingertips.


Keeping Children Safe On Social Media

Locked keyboard - Keeping Children Safe On Social Media

Tips on how to keep children and young people safe when they’re chatting online. It includes information on talking to them, spotting signs and opportunities, trusting your gut, focusing on behaviour, research and supervision.

Product Placement, Online Adverts & Your Child

Child on laptop with yellow background for product placement and adverts

Making you aware of paid search results and product placements specifically aimed at children and young people in YouTube videos. Can children actually recognise adverts and sponsored content?

Keeping The Kids Safe Online On Their New Gadgets

Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web

You may not even realise that a lot of the technology and games that children get for Christmas or Birthdays actually connect to the Internet. This can involve chatting with other faceless people. Be aware, and keep them safe.

10 Facts About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is very common these days. Online bullying can actually be worse because there’s no escape from it when you get home. There are 10 tips here to identify cyberbullying, understand why it’s happening and what you should do about it.

A Problem Shared: Oversharing Of Your Kids On Social Media

dirty face - A Problem Shared... Oversharing Of Your Kids On Social Media

A discussion for you to think about. How much of your kids’ lives are you sharing online? How are they are going to feel about this in years to come and what are the safety concerns?

We hope that some of these links are helpful to you, there are lots more helpful articles in the FamilyPoint online magazine, offering lots of help to families in Wales. Use the search bar in the magazine section to search particular topics.

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