Homemade Christmas Gifts and Decorations To Make With The Kids

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Homemade Christmas Gifts and Decorations To Make With The Kids

Creating homemade decorations and presents has become very fashionable which is great for people with kids. So dust off your paintbrushes, grab the glitter and pull on your aprons and lets see what ideas we can come up with for some different gifts and decorations this year.

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Rather than being a cheap gift option, crafting your own homemade Christmas gifts can really show that you care. For your children to create their own gifts for people shows that a lot of love, care and thought has been put into the present, and this is priceless.

Tea light holders

Don’t throw away your old jars (or buy some cheap little tumblers) or any old scraps of material. Soak your jars in hot water to peel off the labels and then glue scraps of cloth and tie string around the jars. You can use your creative talent to decorate as you wish and can even stick some extra things like lace, buttons and beads too. Take a look at the Living Well Spending Less website for ideas. Stick in a tea light and voila!

Decorated Candles

Sticking with the candle theme why not decorate a pillar candle with your children’s drawings. There are two techniques you could use to do this. One is to simply use pens to draw patterns directly on the Candles like these at Red Ted Art or you could use the tissue and wax paper technique on Come Together Kids that involves drawing directly onto tissue paper, wrapping this around the candle, placing wax paper over the top and using a hairdryer. The candle will melt a little and the tissue paper image will mould into it.

DIY Patterned Mugs

It’s really easy to create a personalised mug as a great gift for teachers or grandparents. All you need is a white mug and oil based sharpie pen (the oil bit is important or the pattern will wash off). Simply draw a pattern or personalisation on the mug, you can find some great ideas for patterns on the Living Well Spending Less tutorial.


Everyone has some kind of metallic surface that would benefit from a creative magnet to hold their shopping list, photos or whatever. You can get some cheap disc magnets in craft shops or on the Internet and use strong glue to stick anything you like on them to create whatever your heart desires. Why not go down to the beach and pick up some small pebbles, you can pick some unusually patterned ones and stick them on as they are or you could paint them and create little animals, patterns, letters to spell out someone’s name or cute little monsters like these ones on The Whoot.

Or you could use those clear pebbles you get in vases sometimes and stick an image or pattern of your choice underneath that will be magnified by the glass. Check out this link by Things To Make And Do for ideas.

Painted Rock Paper Weights/Ornaments

While your down at the beach collecting pebbles, why not find some slightly larger rocks to paint. These make some great paperweights, or we have a variety of ladybirds and penguins placed around our fireplace.

The design you paint is entirely up to you. It can be Christmassy themed such as Santa or a snowman, animal themed such as a ladybird or cat, patterned with spots or stripes, a drawing or someone’s name. Let your children’s creative juices flow. You can even add some glitter to create some really sparkly pieces. Step-by-step tutorial by Happy Hooligans here.

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

People spend a fortune on fancy soaps, fizzers and scrubs. So a natural homemade sugar scrub is a great idea for handmade gift. And it’s not as hard to make and doesn’t need as much ingredients as you might think. All you need is some white sugar, coconut (or other) oil, lemon (or other) essential oil and a nice jar to put it in. Then it’s just a matter of mixing all your ingredients together. Check out this step-by-step tutorial by Living Well Spending Less here.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Popping up everywhere this year are the hot chocolate stirrers that you pop into a mug of milk and melt the chocolate to create a delicious hot chocolate drink. They can be quite expensive but can be recreated easily, and cheaply at home. All you need is some sunflower oil, chocolate of your choice and whatever decorations you want to use on the top. You will also need some wooden lollipop sticks and empty fromage frais pots to use as moulds. It’s as simple as melting the chocolate, pouring into the moulds and sprinkling the decorations on top. Here’s an easy recipe on the BBC Good Food site that you can follow.

Homemade Christmas Decorations

There are loads of handmade Christmas decoration ideas on the Internet but here are some of my favourite easy ideas to do with the kids.

Handprint Snowmen Baubles

Paint your children’s hands with white paint then get them to hold a bauble in their hand. Once the paint is dry you can add in details with a sharpie pen such as a nose, eyes, mouth, buttons and even hats. A great keepsake to remember how small they once were. Step-by-step guide by Little Bit Funky here.

Felt Christmas Trees

For children that are a little older you can create some attractive Christmas decorations using felt, thread, some stuffing and decorations such as buttons or beads. Cut out two matching Christmas Tree shapes from the felt (or any other Christmas themed shapes you desire), stitch some buttons, beads or other decorations on one side of felt, place both felt pieces together and stitch them with a needle and thread with either a running stitch or a blanket stitch, leave a little gap, put some stuffing in and sew up the rest to finish. Follow this guide by Bugs and Fishes here.

Origami Star Garlands

These can be quite fiddly so are best for the older children, but are really worth the effort as they look really great. I love the ones that have been created from book pages but you can use any paper you wish. All you need is some scissors, paper, string to hang them on and a lot of patience. The folding technique is complicated but I think this video by Oh So Hygge shows the folds needed quite clearly.

We hope that this article has given you some great ideas for homemade Christmas decorations and gifts. Let us know if you tried some of them and post your pictures below or on our social media pages. And if you have any other great cheap and easy handmade ideas then post them below, or write your own article.

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