How I Saved £1000 A Year in Bills

Money | by | 11th May 2016

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Looking for ways to save money on your bills? Here’s a guest blog by BudgetFairy, a mum of three from Powys, on ways to avoid debt by cutting down those electricity, gas, and broadband bills.

With five mouths to feed in the house, we are always thinking of ways to save money and cut down on our monthly bills.

Do you know how much are your bills per month?

Many people (including myself) don’t actually know or remember how much money gets taken out of the bank account each month for bills.

One day, I decided to do a quick calculation to total up our direct debits. This was when I realised we have been paying an eye-watering £115 per month for our combined satellite television, broadband and telephone package.

This seemed like a really big amount and I decided to look into how we could reduce this.

Last week, we chanced upon a deal on the MoneySavingExpert website which offered us a special code to get our usual satellite television package for just £30. This was only valid for new customers.

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Have you tried asking your supplier for a discount?

So, my husband phoned our service provider (ask to be connected to “customer retention” department) to explain the situation and see if they could match the offer. After 10 minutes of “haggling”, we were told they could slash our bills to just £80 per month. My husband then asked for our account to be cancelled as we knew we could use the MoneySavingExpert code to get a better price.

A day or two after my husband cancelled our package (which was signed up in his name), I rang up the same provider and used the MoneySavingExpert code to sign myself up as a new customer for a 12-month package at £30 per month. I was also told I could get line rental and unlimited broadband for an additional £11.31. We would also be receiving a new satellite tv box, remote and internet router.

From £115, we were able to reduce our monthly bill for the same services to just £41.31.

This saves us £74 a month, or £888 a year.

We then did the same for our gas and electricity. We looked on price comparison sites to search for a cheaper energy provider, and switched to one which cost £10 less per month. That’s an annual saving of £120.

We have decided to use the £1,000 savings we’ve made on redecorating the house and several short family holidays.

Do you use any tips for saving money? Please share your finds by commenting below or submitting an article, we’d love to hear your views.

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