How To Have A Wedding On A Budget In Wales

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According to the Bridal Magazine an average wedding in 2016 costs between £20-30,000. This is an eye-watering amount of money and you don’t have to pay so much to have a memorable day.  Here are some tips from Bont Parents Group in Penygroes on how to have a wedding on a budget in Wales.

Here are some tips on how to plan your wedding on a budget in Wales and to stay on budget:

    This was one of the first responses – the best way to save money on a wedding is to not have it in the first place! But that isn’t always a sacrifice we’re willing to make for the budget!
  • Attend wedding fayres
    That’s where you get offers, discounts and are able to negotiate prices
  • Decide who’s coming early
    Decide on your number of guests so that you can plan the wedding and budget
  • Choose which day you’re going to get married carefully
    Weekdays are cheaper than weekends
  • Sort the Service
    If you are getting married in a Church or Chapel that you are a member of then you need to ask if this is a free service, some offer a free service. Check to see if the Minister is also a registrar as this can keep costs down. Hotels offer packages for civil services. Check out Town Halls and Village Halls for costs
  • Consider having a buffet
    This is cheaper than a 3 course sit down meal
  • Discount dresses for Bride and Bridesmaids
    To keep costs down you can buy from auction sites, end of line or ex-demonstration dresses from department stores. You can buy cheaply from abroad. To keep costs down you can try making things or borrowing things. Some shops offer you to club with them until the amount is paid
  • Take advantage of shoe sales
    Try and buy the shoes in a sale prior to the wedding to keep the costs down
  • Handle Hair and Makeup
    Get someone you know to do your hair and makeup or shop around or book someone at the wedding fare. You could always do your own hair and makeup
  • Sorting Suits
    You can hire suits to keep costs down or you can use a suit that you already have or borrow. You can look for things on sites like Facebook


  • DIY Invitations
    Make your own invitations, orders of service and thank you cards. Buy card and make as many on 1 sheet as possible. There are free templates to use online
  • The Cake
    Ask a friend to make a cake or buy from a local company. Supermarkets now sell affordable cakes or you could consider cupcakes
  • The rings
    Local shops offer savings club for rings. You can also buy from high street jewellers or you can buy online
  • The Cars
    You can spruce up your own car and ask someone to drive it for you, borrow a car or shop around for a local company or negotiate at a wedding fayre
  • Photos/Videos
    You can ask family, friends and guests to take photos and videos. For the formal pictures it’s best to shop around local photographers or negotiate at the wedding fares. You could consider hiring a student photographer at a cheaper rate. You could give your guests disposable cameras and ask them to take photo’s during the day
  • Flowers
    Have foam or artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers. Contact local companies or negotiate through the wedding fares. You could consider not having flowers to keep the costs down. For Church Flowers you could negotiate all the flowers with one company or negotiate this cost with the Church/Chapel or wedding venue
  • Wedding favours
    keep costs to a minimum by making your own favours or shop online
  • Disco
    It’s best to shop around or get someone that you know
  • Minibus/transport
    Ask guests to pay for the bus themselves or ask for a contribution towards the cost
  • Kid’s entertainment
    If you have a lot of children attending then you could look at getting entertainment for the children. You could look at bouncy castles, magicians or clowns

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Any other advice?

  • To keep costs down you could go without Hen Nights and Stag Nights which can be very expensive
  • If you think you might go over budget then you can also ask guests to contribute towards the meal to try and keep costs down
  • One vital piece of advice from the group is to not be scared to negotiate or haggle on prices
  • The main costs for weddings are the venue, food and rooms so this is where you need to shop around and negotiate a price that is comfortable for you

Next week we join Lianne and Stephen, members of Y Bont Parents Group, who planned their own budget wedding. Come back next week to learn all about the highs, the lows and the advice to plan a budget wedding.

I hope this has given you some ideas for your wedding. If you have any great suggestions to add then use the comments section below!

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