How To Save Money As A Family

Money News | by | 1st May 2016


When it comes to raising a family every penny counts and dealing with the cost of childcare, school and entertainment can be a headache. Thankfully help is at here with this handy collection of advice on how to save money as a family.

Raising a family has never been easy work, and it certainly isn’t cheap. Studies show that it’s now more expensive than ever to have kids, with 6 out of 10 parents saying they are struggling to cope.

Sometimes dealing with these costs can feel a bit hopeless, however, there are lots of ways to seek support and save money on everything from bills to days out. Here at FamilyPoint Cymru we’ve been listening to the money issues families and carers face, and giving advice on how to make things better. Here we have a collection of the top money advice tips we have but if you have any specific issues you want to ask us about then get in touch.

Everyday money saving tips

fbenMrsMummyPenny Presents: Top Tips for Your Family to Save Money

Money saving blogger and mum-of-three MrsMummyPenny shares her best money saving tips and advice for families. She explains how to save money on energy and phone bills, and how to make the most of rewards.

4 Phone Apps To Help You Save Money

Want to save money on train fares, evenings out and calling expensive numbers? You can do it all from your phone with these handy apps!

How to Avoid Debt and Invisible Money

With hidden charges and shock bills some expenses surprises you. Here’s some advice on how to avoid this ‘invisible money’ and to prevent you and your family falling into further debt when things do go wrong.

Back To School: Money Saving Tips

Education may be free in the UK – but with uniforms, trips and lunches to think about – going to school certainly isn’t. We offer some advice on how to save money and get support when you send your kids to school.

Save money on bills


3 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

If you think you may struggle to pay your heating bills then there are schemes that might be able to help help. Here are three that have been suggested by family groups across Wales.

How I Saved £1000 A Year in Bills

Feel surrounded by bills, bills, bills? Blogger and mum BudgetFairy might be able to help. She gives tips on how to trim down those electricity, gas, and broadband bills.

Save money on having fun


Cheap Birthday Ideas for a Memorable Kid’s Party

Not sure how to host an impressive kid’s birthday party on a budget? Here are some great ideas that will help you impress the other parents while keeping costs low.

5 Cheap and Easy Science Experiments To Do With The Kids

Science isn’t just giant telescopes and expensive chemicals – you can make fun and education experiments with half a lemon, a plastic comb and a glass of water!

Easy Picnic Ideas for a Family Day Out in Wales

Picnics: the ultimate cheap family activity. Here are some suggestions on what to eat, what to play and where to go

5 Free and Cheap Things To Do With The Kids In North East Wales

Fancy a cheap day out in North East Wales? Mother of two Alison shares her experiences of free or cheap days out in North East Wales.

5 Things Under £5 in South Wales for Families

Do you live in South Wales and need some activities to entertain the kids? Blogger MinionMum takes a look at some of the places she likes to visit with her 5-year-old.

Guest Blog: ‘10 Things Under £5’ in North West Wales for Families

Guest blogger Tania proves that there’re a lot of fun (and cheap) things to do as a family in North West Wales.

Free Family-Friendly Places To Visit In Wales: Reader Suggestions

They say the best things in life are free. Our readers suggest the best completely free places to visit in Wales.

Splash Pads and Paddling Pools for Kids in Wales

Kids need cooling off? Check out one of the many kid-friendly splash pads and paddling pools in Wales.

Wedding On A Budget: Lianne & Stephen’s Story

Weddings can be expensive (Brides Magazine claim that the average British wedding now costs a whopping £24,000) but they don’t have to be. Newly weds Lianne and Stephen share their story.

Save money on holidays


Money Saving Tips For Christmas

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas (especially when it comes to how much it costs). We’ve put together a whole host of tips, tricks and advice on how to cut down on the costs of the festive season.

Cheap Family Holiday in Wales: How to Have a Holiday for £150 or Less

You don’t have to spend hundreds and fly your family across the world to have a wonderful family holiday. Here is how you can plan a trip away for less thank £150.

St David’s Day: How To Do It On The Cheap

Not sure how to celebrate all that is Welsh on a budget? We have tips for easy, low-budget costumes and tasty treats.

Homemade Horrors: Halloween on a budget

Devilish decorations, frightening food and creepy costumes. The only thing that won’t be scary about your next Halloween is how little it can cost.

Can we take the kids on a Term-Time Holiday?

The costs of a family holiday sky-rocket during the school holidays but do you know the risks of taking your children out of school during term-time?

Save money on childcare


What Is Flying Start SLC Support?

Speech, Language, and Communication – these are important skills for your child to have. Flying Start can help you develop your child’s language skills.

Affordable Holiday Childcare In Wales

Figuring out childcare can be a real headache, here’s a quick guide to the affordable options available to you.

Need extra help? Financial support in Wales

Universal Credit In Wales Explained

With Universal Credit being rolled out across Wales, we decided to talk to an expert about what that means for those on benefits. We sat down with Advice Manager Helen Evans from Cardiff Central Library Hub’s Money Advice Team. She explains what Tax Credits are, what Universal Credit is and how it will affect young people’s benefits and Disability Living Allowance.

My ESA Has Been Cut & I’m Struggling

Naomi’s Employment and Support Allowance has been cut, we give her some advice on how to cope.

My Husband’s Been Injured at Work, and We Need Money!

A mum of two from Swansea contacted us when her husband couldn’t work because of a workplace injury, we gave her suggestions on where to get support.

Find a Foodbank

Finding it difficult to afford basic expenses like food? Here’s some advice on how to find a foodbank that could help.

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