12 Christmas Blogs #6: The January Sales

Money | by | 26th Dec 2016

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Welcome to the sixth of our 12 Christmas Blogs that will lead you through the festivities up to the 2nd of January.

We will be looking at lots of different subjects including coping with the stresses of Christmas, recipe ideas, debt, savings and New Year’s resolutions. So come back each day to see what topic we’ll be discussing.

The Boxing Day and January sales are go go go, so here’s a quick survival guide on this most bargain-filled time of the year…


Know what you want before you go.

It can be a war zone out there and confusion on the battlefield can lead to terrible purchases and general disappointment. It can also lead to overspending.

Get in early

Online the January Sales and the Boxing Day sales now start before Christmas. But if you’re going to the actual shops then set your alarm for pre-dawn as some shoppers queue up at silly o’clock to get the best deals. If you’re determined to grab a bargain for yourself then be prepared to queue in the cold and for a long time.

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Plan ahead

January is the perfect time to stock up on things for next Christmas. Retailers often slash the cost of decorations, wrapping paper and crackers. A few pounds spent now could save you a lot in October and November.

Know the cost

All that glitters is not gold. Retailers have been known to raise prices so that they can slap 50% off on the sales label. Research the value of what you want before you go and make sure you’re getting a real bargain.


Take a break

If you’re traipsing around town then you’re covering a good few miles. It may not seem that far but walking around the shops all loaded up with bags can be heavy work. Remember to take regular breaks.

Drink water

That cosy coffee shop may look like the perfect place for some liquid refreshment, and a cup coffee can give you that extra bit of zip for some hardcore shopping. Yet, as stated above with the breaks, it’s important to drink lots of water as shopping can be quite an exertion.

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Take care of yourself and each other

The Boxing Day and January Sales can be a heated affair, with lots of people in a small space trying to nab themselves a bargain. Tempers can be lost. So remember to take a step back, assess the situation and if it all gets too much pop outside for a minute for some fresh air.

Your consumer rights

MoneySavingExpert has a very handy section on your consumer rights. We’re a big fan of their SAD FART mantra. Information on your local trading standards office can be found on your local council’s website. You can also use the postcode search at the bottom of this page. You can also contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06

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