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Christmas is just a few days away. You thought you’d bought all the presents and you’re all spent up, but you’ve just remembered that you’ve forgotten someone, or you need to pad out someone’s gift. What do you do?

Don’t panic! There are loads of great ideas all over the Internet for homemade crafts and baked gifts that can be made quite cheaply. We’ve pulled together some of our favourites so that you don’t have to go searching.


Most kids love to get their hands dirty and get creative, and family members love receiving handmade gifts from the kids (or at least they pretend that they do!). So get the kids to be your little elves and start a production line of crafting to create those last minute gifts.

Voucher for Last Minute Handmade Gifts

Time vouchers

Find some nice card and print your present! Things like “The bearer of this voucher is entitled to breakfast in bed” or a “Free foot rub” or maybe that you’ll be the designated driver on a night out. Be as creative, generous and personal as you like!

piggery pottery1 Family Things To Do In North Wales

Painted pots

This is one to get the kids involved with. Use craft or acrylic paints and decorate a plant pot – you can buy a plain plant pot quite cheaply in most DIY and home stores. They can be used as a plant pots, candle holders, or desk tidies.

Images and instructions via the Tara Dennis blog

A pom-pom garland

Bunting is so last year! This year it’s all about pom poms. Do you remember making them as a child? Easy right? So get crafting those small multi coloured pom poms with the kids, thread them on some string, and give a gift that’s bang on trend. This blog by Tara Dennis shows how to make small pom poms really easily by using a normal dinner fork.


Baked goods can make a great gift for those awkward people who have everything or who have a sweet tooth. You could buy some cakes, biscuits or sweets from the supermarket but baking something yourself shows that you really care. Place them in some cellophane bags and tie with ribbon. Edible goods can make a great and thoughtful gift.

Christmas pudding Rice Krispie cakes

This is really Christmassy, looks fun and doesn’t involve any baking. These are really easy for the kids to make and they taste fantastic.

How could Christmas pudding possibly be improved? I know, let’s add milk chocolate, white chocolate, Rice Krispies, marshmallows and crunchy peanut butter!

Full recipe available on the BBC Good Food pages.

Easy Mince Pies

Nothing says Christmas quite like a mince pie does. If you’ve never baked any before you may be forgiven for thinking that it’s difficult, but they are really simple to make with some shop bought mincemeat and pastry.

  • Buy a jar of mincemeat from the supermarket and a tube of JusRoll puff pastry/shortcrust (depends on what you prefer).
  • You’d need mince pie baking tins (very cheap from the supermarket), plain flour and cookie cutters.
  • On a clean counter top, dust flour on, unroll the pastry till around 2mm thick, cut it out, lay it in the mould, put a spoonful of mincemeat in the middle, then cut out a star shape with cutter, lay it on the top, and bake!

If you want to put in more effort, you could make your own pastry and your own mincemeat, but this way is quicker and easier with children.

Gingerbread reindeer

Prepare to have your mind blown… if you turn a gingerbread man upside down, and add a little brown nose in the middle, they look like reindeer! The legs become the antlers, and you can add a red nose if you want a Rudolph. Get the recipe from the SheKnows blog.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for some last minute gifts. Merry Christmas to you all from the FamilyPoint team.

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