Minecraft Is Coming To The Classroom

Education Technology | by | 3rd Feb 2016

It’s the most popular computer game in the world so there’s a good chance your children are already obsessed with Minecraft. They’ll probably be excited to hear it could be in the classroom as early as this summer.


Minecraft: Education Edition will be a modified version of the game designed for teaching.

With its sandbox design and incredible possibilities this isn’t the first time it’s been used as an educational tool. Teachers have already had success teaching everything from creative puzzle-solving to working as part of a team.

“In education, we are constantly seeking pathways to explore learning beyond the confines of a textbook. Minecraft allows us that opportunity,” said Rafranz Davis, Executive Director of Professional Development and Learning, Lufkin ISD. “When we see our kids enjoying the process of learning in this way, it’s a game changer.”

How is it different from regular Minecraft?

  • Login and personalisation, where students have personalised avatars and feel more engaged in the game and teachers can know who each player is.
  • Student Portfolio feature, where students can take photos and selfies to show their work and learning.
  • Enhanced maps with coordinates for students and teachers to find their way around the Minecraft world together.
  • Enhanced multiplayer, where a classroom of up to 40 students can work together toward a greater world in Minecraft.
  • World import and export, where teachers and students can create and save their worlds in the game.

What do you think? Genius idea or even more screen-time for an already square-eyed generation?

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