Monmouthshire Families First

Last updated: July 5, 2017

About Monmouthshire Families First

Families First in Monmouthshire provides support to families with children who are facing difficulties, especially to those experiencing low-income.

Families First provides different types of support to the whole family depending on what your needs are, through projects, activities and training organised by parts of the council, charities and other organisations.

Team Around the Family (TAF) is the largest element within Families First. TAF aims to provide families with a coordinated care plan offering multi-agency support to suit specific needs highlighted by the family. The TAF structure consists of the parent(s), a TAF worker and any other appropriate professionals who are involved in the child’s life, or who would be able to provide a service to the family. For more details, please contact Kristin Major at or phone 01633 644152

The projects that are currently funded by Families First programme in Monmouthshire are:

  • Acorn Project – Supports families to ensure parents improve their parenting skills, confidence, wellbeing and relationships with their child/children. Contact Claire Evans at
  • Inclusive Acorn Project – supports the needs of disabled children
  • Watch Wait and Wonder – helps to identify and overcome difficulties faced by parents and their children through play 
  • Face 2 Face Counselling Project – provides a range of confidential services for young people in Monmouthshire – community based counselling, play therapy and family system therapy 
  • Young Carers – works specifically with young people who have a significant caring role for a family member with a recognised physical or mental disability. They offer a variety of services from respite to employment training.
  • Home Start –  an informal, confidential service which works to relieve pressures faced by families with low incomes and children under five by placing highly motivated/skilled volunteers who are usually parents themselves in to support them. Contact Pam Lloyd at or phone 01600 715608
  • Inclusive Play and Leisure – provides children with disabilities or support needs the same opportunities as any other child through attending play schemes, taking part in social and leisure activities and having the opportunity to mix with other children

Who is this for?

Families First in Monmouthshire supports families, children and young people up to 25 years living in Monmouthshire.

If you’re not eligible for Families First, there may be other services available to you. Please contact Monmouthshire FIS to find out more.

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Monmouthshire Families First

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Monmouthshire Families First

Employment / Disability / Early Years / Health / Education / Emotional & Mental Health

Better health and wellbeing, education and employment for low-income families living in Monmouthshire.

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