Mother’s Day: Challenges & Joys Of Being A Mum

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Girl and mum - Mother's Day: Challenges & Joys Of Being A Mum

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and in the run-up to it FamilyPoint ran a competition to ask our readers what you find most challenging about being a mum. Thank you to those who have taken part and congratulations to Jessica and Carwen who have each won £10 shopping vouchers!

We’ve had lots of feedback: Having to constantly change dirty nappies. Setting a good example. Feeling judged for being a stay-home parent. Dealing with fussy eaters. Clingy children. Learning to give older children their freedom. Being worried about the kids all the time. Feeling guilty you can’t spend enough time with them. Being a mum definitely doesn’t sound easy!

Here’s what 8 Mums and 1 Dad said the toughest thing about motherhood is:

“Breaking your back while half bending over and holding their hands to help them walk. And of course the nappy explosions when you are out and about!– Jessica 

“Being male. I am our children’s main carer and do the majority of the housework, school pick-ups, shopping, cooking, support groups, meetings etc. As well as studying full time and volunteering one day a week and maintaining a support page on Facebook. It’s hard work but I love it. Will go back to work when I’ve finished my studies but the children will all be in secondary school or have left school by then so far more able to care for themselves. I get odd looks and comments made quite regularly when I explain I don’t work and am the house husband. I’ve always been good at ignoring silly remarks. However I get comments from women far more than men which surprised me.” – Michael

“Doing the cooking and tidying while a 2-year-old clings on to you, so having to do it literally single-handed!” – Llinos 

“Allowing your older children to be adults.” – Carwen

“Trying to find a balance between being there for the children and setting a good example and showing that a girl can do any job that she wants.” – Les

“It’s difficult to switch off from being a mum. Even if you aren’t with you child you might be thinking about what you need to sort out for them – like organising fancy dress for a party on the way to work or booking their hair cut in your lunch break. Constantly having to think about another person as well as yourself is pretty exhausting.” – Emma

“Juggling motherhood and a full-time job. All the guilt I feel when I don’t spend enough time with my children because I have to work.” – Candice 

“A toddler who doesn’t want to eat! I’ve become an expert negotiator and briber with my son who doesn’t want to eat.” – Helen

“I never expected the paranoia of motherhood. Is he ok? Is she making friends? Why is he not reading as well as the other kids? Is she getting picked on?  Will he be safe when he’s not with me? Is he struggling? Does she look upset? Is he happy in school? Is that child a good influence on her?” – Tania 


Give yourselves a pat on the back, Mummies!

Despite the difficulties we all face, we are sure you agree that motherhood can also be an incredibly rewarding journey. The way our hearts fill up with joy when we see their little smiles. When we see them growing and learning to do something and getting it right. Becoming more independent. When they run to us and give us a cuddle. Despite sometimes having doubts about our parenting abilities and doing what may seem like thankless jobs, rest assured that on this day you are being loved and appreciated. We hope you get to enjoy a relaxing day, smothered with kisses and cuddles by the people who love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our FamilyPoint mummies.

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