MrsMummyPenny Presents: Top Tips for Your Family to Save Money

Money News | by | 5th Apr 2016

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We recently spoke to MrsMummyPenny, a money saving blogger / mum to 3 boys and asked her to share her best money saving tips and advice for families.

As an expert in making your money last longer, she’s got several top tips you can use to save money as a family, and spend it on something more worthwhile.

If your bills and fees are adding up and getting you down, tips on how to save money can be helpful – before you know it, you could have enough for a day out or even a holiday!


Look at your incomings and outgoings

First things first: you need to have a good look at your monthly outgoings and income.

Have a go at writing everything down. 

Do you recognise everything that leaves your bank every month? Question yourself, do you really need that TV subscription or that insurance policy on your oven? You may be surprised to see a few things that you really don’t need and can quickly cancel them and save there.

Look at your regular costs

Go through each of your other regular costs and see if there is a way to reduce the cost at all.

I am talking essentials here, like rent/mortgage, gas/electricity, food, council tax, phone & broadband.

Check your mortgage rate for best deal

If you have a mortgage check that you are on the best rate possible.

If you are on the standard rate, give your bank a call and see what deals they can offer you.

Electricity gas and water

For your gas and electricity bills, go to a comparison site like uSwitch and pop in your current usage and company provider.

There is more than likely a company where you switch to and reduce your monthly costs.

With your water, if there are fewer people than rooms in your house you should switch to a water meter, as this will save you money. Most water companies will do this for free.

Ask your broadband and mobile provider

With broadband and mobile, give your provider a call and see where you can reduce your bills.

If you threaten to leave and switch to a new one, that normally kicks them into offering you a better deal!

Get an online cashback account

Grab yourself an online cashback account such as TopCashback or Quidco.

Whenever you buy anything online, search for the company first on the cashback website and click through the link to get free cashback on tons of things. You can get cashback on so much, from your car insurance, to Dominos pizza, to eBay. Its always worth checking on the cashback site before you purchase anything to check this. I just swapped my broadband from EE to BT and got a huge £150 in cash back!

Use your reward points for days out

Do you have any Tesco Clubcard vouchers built up, or Sainsbury’s Nectar points?

Make use of them! One of the best ways to use these is for days out with the children. A day out at the zoo or a theme park is super expensive, but you could save a fortune on these days out by swapping your vouchers for entry tickets. Why not take a packed lunch with you as well so you’re not spending a small fortune on convenience food there? Quids in!

A bit more about MrsMummyPenny

As the editor of my own website, I love writing about all things ‘money saving’, from household bills through to days out with the children or frugal recipes. I particularly love sharing ideas to make holidays and events cheaper for the family, like Valentines Day money saving tips or half-term fun on a budget.

Want more money saving ideas? Check out MrsMummyPenny on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more top tips and money advice for families, visit her website.

We’d like to thank MrsMummyPenny for sharing her brilliant money saving tips – try them and see what your family could save!

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