“I Am So Nervous About My Child Starting School”

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Children starting school on their first day in new uniforms

This September, expect to see photos of cute, smiling children in their fresh new uniforms as proud parents post first day photos. But, what’s the reality behind those photos? For some, starting school is easy, for others it’s traumatic, but what about the parents?

Sandra, a member of Westwood PTA in Buckley, shares her feelings about her child starting school…

My youngest child is four years old and he is starting full-time school in September. I am so nervous about it, not just about how he will cope, but how I will cope, too!

He has been to Early Entitlement and nursery, but knowing that I would have him home in a couple of hours made that easier. Once he starts full-time school, I will have to wait until 3pm!

I know that he will cope a lot better than me as he sees his older sister going to the same school. When we all walk there together, he says to me, “I like going to school”. So, I just hope that he sees it the same way when he is going to full-time school.

| “Some mums are so pleased when their little ones start school” |

Some mums are so pleased when their little ones start school but, for the first time for me, it is totally different. I love coming in from work at 1pm and having him running around with Peppa Pig in the background. So, I am dreading September, and I know that it is not that far away.

I have had two other children start full-time school, so I have been through this twice before. But, I have always had another child still at home with me. This time, I am going to be on my own. My house will be silent and I will be able to get on with other jobs a lot better, but there will be that little person missing.

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Is Your Child Ready To Learn?

I’m glad that my primary school gives them half days at the start of term in September as this allows them to settle into school. I don’t just think that he needs it, but I need it too as a mother! I don’t think I would like having him at home for 6 weeks in the summer and then going straight into full days.

When I worked in a different primary school, they did have them go into that school 9am – 3pm straight away. When I was working on my dinner time duties, there were some unhappy little faces who were missing their mums. Although, sometimes, that does change through the term as time goes on.

As our children move on to other stages in their lives, while exciting, it can be hard for us as parents to let go and accept that our little ones are growing up. Like Sandra, we can accept this but also feel that pang of sadness. But, there will be things that they will do and achieve in these next few years that will bring us plenty of joy.

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