New Parents Wanted for BBC Wales Documentary

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Are you or someone you know expecting? Want to be on TV? BBC Wales and Plimsoll Productions want to hear from you…

We got sent this flyer recently and had to find out more! So we contacted Lucy at Plimsoll Productions about this new show for BBC Wales.

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Hi, my name is Lucy Davies, I’m originally from Abergavenny. I’m the Casting Assistant Producer on the series and I work for the TV production company Plimsoll Productions. We have offices in Bristol and Cardiff.

So you’re making a documentary for BBC Cymru Wales, what’s it called and what is it about?

The very exciting documentary will be called Bringing Home Baby. We will be following the lives of six families and their new born babies over the first six months of the baby’s life. Looking at the monumental moments such as their first smile, the first time they meet grandma, the first crawl!

We will also be creating a beautifully crafted personalised film of these monumental moments for the parents to keep forever. The documentary will also be looking at the science behind what is happening from a psychological, physiological and developmental point of view with help from our experts.

Baby for BBC Wale Brining Baby Home TV Series call out

Why first-time parents in South Wales?

We realised that if you are having your first child we are all in the same boat. That’ss figuring things out as you go along rather than a well-seasoned parent who already knows the tricks to juggling nappy changing and sleepless nights.

We are looking for new parents in South Wales as it is the first series, it is a BBC Wales production and we are based in South Wales. We think it’s important that we capture the real diversity of life and experience for the people who live here.

What do you hope to achieve with the series?

We hope that our thorough and intelligent documentary series will help educate the public about the realities of giving birth. From the complexities and the frustrations to the unbridled joy of having a new born baby. We also want to show the vital roles that everyone, from the professional midwives to the parents and family, has to play.

Will you be filming in the delivery room?

We won’t always need to film in the delivery room, but if couples are happy to film the birth, then we can help. We may use a snippet of the happy moment as a flashback to reference what went on.

How can soon-to-be mums and dads get in contact and what’s the deadline for applying?

Everyone can apply via our Facebook page, Twitter (@Baby_BBCWales)  or email where you can chat to me directly.

The deadline currently stands at 22 December 2017 for applications so please get in touch ASAP as we will be visiting prospective Mums and Dads to-be over the next few weeks.

Finally, when will it be on telly?

Sometime at the end of next year.

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