Nine Ways To Celebrate World Book Day 20

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World Book Day - Nine Ways to celebrate world book day

On Thursday, 2 March 2017, the UK celebrates World Book Day. From fancy dress to sponsored readings, there’s a lot going on that the whole family can get involved with. We’re going to look at the things you can do to celebrate in plenty of time for you to prepare.

This year is the 20th anniversary of World Book Day and there are lots of ways you can get involved. From attending local events, to baking cakes and reading together. Here are nine cheap or free ways your family can make World Book Day 20 a roaring success.

1. Get a free book with a £1 book token

What better way to celebrate World Book Day than by reading a free book!

Children can choose one of ten specially chosen World Book Day books. They can swap their voucher to get one for free. This years books include Everyone Loves Underpants, Horrid Henry – Funny Fact Files, Blob by David Walliams and Dead of Night by Michael Grant. Check out the 10 books here.

The vouchers will be handed out to the children at school from the end of February. Check to make sure your child gets one and then take it to your local bookstore before Sunday 26th March to claim your free book.

Don’t worry if there’s nothing on the list you like. Your voucher can also be used as a £1 discount off any other book. You can even use it with audiobooks.

2. Join your local library

Not a member of your local library? Why not get the family signed up today! You can find your nearest library here. All libraries are completely free to join and most now have free Wi-Fi and other services to make the most of.

Lots of libraries also have special events held throughout the year too, such as story and singing sessions for toddlers or craft sessions for children. Ask at your local library what activities they have.

Already a member? Perhaps consider volunteering some of your free time to work at your library in exchange for time banking credits. Check out Spice for more info.

3. Read Together

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Do you remember your favourite childhood book? Why not talk to your children about it and perhaps read it together.

Or how about searching for a good book for your child? The Book Trust has drawn up a list of their best 100 children’s books of all time and you can filter it by age. Found one you think they’ll love? Don’t forget to check your library to see if they have a copy you can borrow for free!

Check out one of our past A Problem Shared… articles where we help Craig to find good children’s books to share with his children.

4. Play word games

Not a keen reader? Not a problem! Why not play a family word game instead – try some of these:

Scrabble – The classic word-play board game is great for children’s learning and can be great fun to sit down together for an hour or so. If you don’t already own it, you can normally pick up this family-favourite game at charity shops for just a couple of pounds.

Words With Friends App– If you’ve got a smart phone or tablet, this is a great app to play with family members. How many words can you create by drawing a line between the letters on screen? It’s completely free and easy to use.

Wordsearch – There’s loads of ready-made word searches and crosswords available online like these from or you can download and print our blank template to make your own.

5. Build a book or create a character

You can find a template for building a book here. A new superhero is born? A love story with a clevertwist? Or just your favourite family memory – what will your children choose to write about?

Or if drawing is more their thing, why not encourage them to try creating their own brand new character? What makes them special or different? Maybe they have a superpower or are keeping a mysterious secret? Perhaps they are on an adventure to discover a hidden historical monument, or maybe they’re from another planet! What will their character look like and what name will they be given? They could even label their drawing to show all the important parts to their character.

6. Celebrate 30 years of Where’s Wally

Everybody’s favourite lost and found character, Wally, turns 30 this year, so what better way to mark its success and celebrate World Book Day 20 than a Where’s Wally activity book! This free resource has been created by World Book Day and is available to download and print here.

Remember, if you are a Where’s Wally fan, you can get a Where’s Wally – The Fantastic Journey book free with your £1 book token.

7. Fundraise for Book Aid

Why not do something special this World Book Day and raise money for a good cause whilst having fun at the same time! You could host a fancy dress party (see ‘Dress Up As A Character From A Book’ below) with everyone donating a couple pounds, bake and sell cakes or biscuits themed around your favourite book like these simple Mr Messy biscuits or these Harry Potter cupcakes or you could even do a sponsored reading.

Or you can raise money for the charity of your choice, but seeing as it’s World Book Day, why not support Book Aid, which raises money to send books to African schools, libraries and classrooms. Find out more about supporting Book Aid during World Book Day here.

8. Dress Up As A Character From A Book

Lots of schools have dress up days on National Book Day, and it’s usually a last minute rush to get something ready. Why not plan a little ahead and create something beforehand. You can find lots of great ideas by searching Pinterest – check out these ideas here, take a look at this blog ’30 ideas for costumes you never knew you owned’ which has some simple ideas for costumes by making use of the stuff you already have around the house, or the World Book Day website has lots of great ideas too.

9. Design a National Book Voucher

Last but not least, why not take part in a competition to win up to £900 worth of book tokens for your child and their school. All they have to do is design their own £1 book token. You can find all the info and resources here. The winning design will be made into a National Book Token and sent to bookshops all around the country in time for Christmas – so get the felt pens out! Closing date Friday, 14th April 2017.


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