A Problem Shared: Is The Nursery Allowed To Do That?!

A Problem Shared Childcare | by | 18th Aug 2017

A mum is looking for on dealing with a nursery that appears to have changed terms. Do you have any advice to share in this week’s A Problem Shared?

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I’m hoping you can help with a issue that’s just cropped up at nursery.

My daughter has Epidermolysis Bullosa. She’s 12 months old and currently attends a private nursery  for 2 days a week. This will increase monthly until November when she will attend 5 days a week. She’s been attending this nursery since June.

This week we had funding agreed via an assisted places grant for 10 hours 1:1 supervision in nursery for her from September. However the nursery are now saying they don’t have anyone in place that can take that extra 10 hours to give her 1:1. They are saying that they will have to employ an extra member of staff and that they feel she needs 1:1 supervision, all day, every day. Therefore I will have to fund the extra hours every day and the full amount during school holidays when the grant isn’t paid. This would mean I pay £42 for the standard nursery place plus £30 per day for the additional 1:1.

Are the nursery allowed to do that?!

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Our FamilyPoint advice for parents of children with Epidermolysis Bullosa and dealing with nurseries

Hi Anwen,

Thank you for contacting FamilyPoint Cymru about the issue that has arisen with your daughter’s nursery.

You mentioned that your daughter has been attending since June. However it is only since you informed them of the assisted places 1:1 funding that they are now stipulating she receives 1:1 support for the whole time that she attends. If you haven’t already, request a meeting with nursery staff. You may wish to get some clarification on why their position appears to have changed since you informed them of the assisted places funding.

Baby and shoe for nursery APS - Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

Additionally, you may want to ask about any specific difficulties they may have encountered so far in the care of your daughter. If issues have arisen, find out how they managed them so far. You could suggest that the funding for 10 hours will allow time for your daughter to receive 1:1 stimulation and interaction with a staff member. This is because she might not always be able to access all of the activities due to the Epidermolysis Bullosa.


DEBRA may be able to provide you with advice on how to approach the matter with the nursery. DEBRA is a charity that supports and works for people with EB. You may also find their guide for parents, schools and playgroups helpful.

At the end of your message, you ask if the nursery is allowed to ask you to pay the cost of a 1:1 staff member for the whole time your daughter attends. Sadly, the nursery is not legally bound to offer or continue any placement. This is because the nursery is not a statutory provider. Again, it would be worth asking DEBRA for advice on this.

In the longer term, you may want to get an additional learning needs assessment for when she begins full-time statutory education. This is because your daughter has a medical condition which might prevent or hinder her from making full use of educational facilities generally provided for others of the same age in school. There are several places that you can seek advice on this, including:

  • The special educational needs department in your local authority
  • And SNAP Cymru, a charity which provides information, advice and support to parents with children who may have learning difficulties or disabilities

I hope that you find the above useful, and manage to resolve the current difficulty with your daughter’s nursery. Please don’t hesitate to come back to us if you need any further information, advice or support with this matter.

FamilyPoint Helpline

If you would like further information on national or local support services, then you can contact us at FamilyPoint Cymru via phone 0300 222 57 57, text 07860 052 905, or IM/Chat. We are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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