12 Christmas Blogs #5: Occupy The Kids

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Kids with milk for occupy the kids Christmas Blog

Welcome to the fifth of our 12 Christmas Blogs that will lead you through the festivities up to the 2nd of January. We will be looking at lots of different subjects including coping with the stresses of Christmas, recipe ideas, debt, savings and New Year’s resolutions. So come back each day to see what topic we’ll be discussing.

OK so we’re getting deep into the Christmas Holidays and the kids might be starting to get a bit restless. Parents too. And pets also. Being cooped up in the house and getting a bit bored can bring out the worst in people. That’s why we’ve compiled a few simple activities to occupy the kids over the seasonal period.

Crayola’s Christmas Colouring Sheets

Crayola, the makers of many a fine colouring pencil have downloadable colouring sheets that you can print off. You’ll find Nativity scenes, with the manger and the three wise men and more. You’ll also find ones with presents, Christmas elves, that bloke with the big white beard off the Coke adverts, and best of all Christmas Bingo, which combines two activities in one!

Colouring Page 3 Kings Crayola

Other colouring pencil manufactures are available, as are colouring activities, but we rather like Crayola’s, so that’s why they’re here in the guide. If you know of any more sites with great colouring sheets please let us know in the comments below!

Travel Games

Christmas can involve journeys by plane, train and automobile and if you’ve got little ones then it’s best to have something to occupy them. But forget tablets and Game Boys here’s three old school activities to keep everyone occupied:

1. Buzzword

Pick a special word that everyone has to keep an eye or an ear out for. This works especially well if you have the radio on but it can also be uttered by fellow passengers or seen on billboards. The added bonus to this game is that it tends to shush everyone who’s playing!

2. Pub Sign Cricket

This one works best if you’re travelling by coach or travelling by B roads and A roads. The game is about counting the legs in the name of pubs… this is probably easier to explain with examples. Pass a pub called the White Hart? That’s four runs as a hart has four legs. See one called The Three Kings? A smashing six runs (each king has two legs and two times three equals six). How do you get out? If the pub has only arms or a head, such as The Butchers Arms, or The King’s Head. Inanimate objects score no runs but you’re not either.

3. The Yellow Car Game

Spot a yellow car win a point. First person to spot it gets the point. Simple yet effective.

yellow car for walk to school article

Fun with boxes

Here’s something that’s perfect for boxing day (I make no apologies for word play). Red Ted Art have a whopping 40 ideas for things that you can do with boxes, from Lego costumes to doll houses.

Child in box for occupy the kids article

Make a last minute card or decoration

We recently shared our guide to making homemade Christmas gifts and decorations and now we’ve made a video on how to make a funky Christmas card with the kids…

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