What’s The Perfect Gift For Primary School Teachers?

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Tulips for teacher gift idea article

With the end of the school year fast approaching, the thoughts of parents with primary aged children often turn to buying a gift for their child’s teacher.

This will, for many parents, be a very stressful and expensive experience. The now very commercialised practice of gift giving seems to get more and more competitive every year.

Some people will say that teachers are only doing their job and as public sector workers should not receive gifts. However, many of us will be keen to show our appreciation to our child’s teacher for encouraging, entertaining and nurturing our little ones through the year. I’m not sure that this is a bad thing. We all like to be appreciated for the things we do whatever walk of life we come from.

So having decided we’d like to show our appreciation… what next? The shops are full of a myriad of ‘Best Teacher’ gifts, ranging from mugs to key rings to plaques. They appeal to our children and can be relatively inexpensive to buy. However, as much as teachers are prolific coffee drinkers and use several keys for the different rooms in a school, there is a limit to how many mugs and key rings they could use.

And teachers, as anyone will remember from their own school days, do not like waste! So, with that in mind, what could you get?

people asking handmade card for primary teacher gift present ideas

Handmade cards are always the most appreciated

I previously worked as a primary school teacher for 10 years and I have many friends that are still working as primary school teachers. So I know that the gift teachers appreciate most are handmade cards (preferably made by your child). Also a short note from you thanking them for everything, or even better, something specific that they’ve done for your child during the year. No amount of flowers, chocolates ‘Best Teacher’ gifts will ever beat that.

Alternative gift options from a former teacher

However, if you do feel that you want to buy the teacher something else then below are a list of suggestions


Flowers in some kind of vessel are always nice. No teacher has an unlimited amount of vases. However it might also be worth checking if the teacher is also shooting off on holiday as soon as term ends!


Teachers love stationery! Pens, Post-it notes, stickers. They really are quite easily pleased 🙂

Stationery for primary school teacher gift guide


Again it would be good to know if they actually drunk alcohol before buying this gift.


Only if you know they like chocolates. If they are very health conscious this might not be appreciated.


Easy to care for plants that the teachers can take home or keep in the classroom are very welcome as gifts

Homemade edibles

Some will love this, other’s won’t… use your judgement here before you whip out the baking tray!

Doughnuts for teacher gift blog

Gift vouchers

Perhaps a few of you could club together to get Amazon Vouchers or vouchers for a day at a spa? Once again knowing the teacher is key here.

Jewellery, hair clips, scarves etc.

Again, very important to know the teacher and what he/she likes! Don’t just guess as all of this is very personal.

Decorated canvas bags

Either bought decorated or decorated by your little one. Teachers are always carrying a myriad of essentials between home and school.

Handmade gifts

For those crafty parents out there, homemade gifts are of course also an option. The important thing is that it is actually your child who makes the gift. Often we as parents have the idea, provide the resources, get them started and then somehow end up doing most of the work ourselves. This obviously defeats the object completely. Here’s 17 handmade gift ideas you and your little person could make for their teacher.

High School Teachers deserve appreciation too

And finally, don’t forget secondary school teachers deserve appreciation too. Whilst it is not at all cool for your teen to buy or make a present, nothing can beat a thank you card, either from you or your young person. Hearing that they’re appreciated for the many things they do over and above for your child makes a difficult job far more worthwhile 🙂

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