Places That Can Help If You Have Housing Problems in Wales

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Having a roof over our heads and feeling safe and healthy in our homes is one of life’s essentials. You have rights to ensure that you have somewhere to live.

One of the major topics that families across Wales are calling our helpline is about housing. So we’ve put together this quick guide. It’s a starting point of where to go if you’re experiencing housing problems in Wales.

Your Local Authority Housing Department

Every council in Wales has a housing department and some have Housing Options and Support teams. They offer free advice and assistance that can help you with a number of different problems such as resolving tenancy issues, applying for housing and managing your money.

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. This includes rights around housing. There’s loads of useful information on their website, they run a helpline (03444 77 20 20 in Wales) and they have drop-in sessions across the nation. Search for your nearest Bureau here.

Housing Problems in Wales

Supporting People

The Supporting People programme provides housing-related support to help people overcome challenges to living independently.

The programme works with you to prevent future difficulties by providing help as early as possible.


The Helpline For Families In Wales

Shelter Cymru

Shelter Cymru is a people and homes charity based in Wales. They provide free specialist advice, advocacy and legal representation for anyone with housing problems.

They can offer you help if you are facing homelessness or about to be evicted, if you’re having trouble paying for your housing, if you’re dealing with repossession or if you’re having problems with your with your rented home.

They have 23 local surgeries across Wales where you can talk to their housing advisers face-to-face. You can also call them or talk to them online using their new live chat.


Llamau is a charity that has been offering support, help, accommodation and housing advice for over 30 years.

They seek to resolve immediate homelessness, address the causes of homelessness and help people receive any financial assistance they are entitled to.

Although they offer help to anyone facing homelessness, Llamau are best known for providing support to young people (particularly care leavers and young offenders) and women coming from vulnerable situations.

Housing Problems in Wales

Others places that can help

Most councils in Wales set up housing advice sites with local Housing Associations, and they’re listed here.

These are a few places that you might want to start looking for housing assistance. There are of course lots of other organisations, ones that may have more information and experience if you have more specialist needs or requirements.

There are many reasons that people experience housing issues. If you don’t feel safe in your home then domestic abuse organisations may be able to help.

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