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A Problem Shared… is a problem halved.

Do you want help with something?

Worried about stuff at home? Are the bills getting out of hand? Is your child going through a difficult patch? Have you recently moved house and feeling isolated?

We all find ourselves in sticky situations at some point and it can really help to share our problems.


Share your issue – from family disputes to health, disability issues, housing – anything you want to ask that involves being part of a family in Wales.

A Problem Shared… will give you some practical tips and guidance to help you out from FamilyPoint advisors and relevant organisations. There may be other parents in your situation and who will also join the discussion and provide support and pointers.

How does it work?

Use the box below to submit your question. It’s up to you if you want to leave a name (real or fake) or an email address, but you must tick the terms & conditions and Captcha boxes.

When you post your problem (no longer than 200 words), there’ll be a short delay before it goes online and before the comments section starts to fill up together with advice and support from the FamilyPoint community.

Problem you can’t share?

If you want advice but don’t want to share it publicly or want an instants response, please contact our confidential helpline – Phone: 0300 222 57 57 // Text: 07860 052 905 // online chat – and if you’re under 25, then please use Meic.

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Find out what’s available from your Family Information Service.

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