Is Your Child Ready To Learn?

Education News | by | 10th Aug 2016

Is your child Ready To Learn when they start school?

Does your little one recognise their own name, know how to wash their hands or hold a pencil? Then Ready To Learn can help!

Learning a few skills before starting school can really help your child settle into school life. This will help them progress quickly.

Ready To Learn is latest part of Education Begins At Home, Welsh Government’s campaign to make the home a fun learning environment for children, so they have a head start in life.

Education Begins At Home

This may sound a bit daunting, but it really isn’t. The tips and advice in the video above, this download for parents and this activity chart are fun and simple too. To be honest, you’re probably doing a lot of these already.

Ready To Learn Activity Sheet

It’s sometimes easy to forgot what a big leap it can be going to school for the first time. But helping children build their skills before their first day can really help with the transition from nursery to big school.

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Then follow them on Facebook and Twitter – their handle is @EduBeginsAtHome and keep an eye out for the #readytolearn hashtag.

Finally if you’re after more info on education in Wales, check out our article section dedicated to the topic. Also look at your local county info page in the Your Area section, as there’s an education and schools section for all 22 counties in Wales.


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