Road Safety Week: 6 Tips To Prevent Tragedies

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Thousands die and are seriously injured on Great Britain’s roads every year. So, this Road Safety Week (21st-27th November), we’ve decided to share the experts’ Six S’s of Road Safety Advice.

In 2015, there were 186,209 reported road casualties in Great Britain and 1,732 reported road deaths (source: Department for Transport’s Reported Road Casualties GB, 2015).

In Wales alone, 105 people were killed in 2015 and 1,081 people were seriously injured (source: Welsh Government’s Police recorded road casualties 2015).

21st-27th November 2016 is Road Safety Week the UK’s biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups every year.

“Five people are killed every single day [in Great Britain] by something we already know how to cure” – Brake, Road Safety Charity

Parents/grandparents! Here’s a classic to take you back! Word is SuperTed is being rebooted very soon!

Here’s six things they recommend, and they’re asking everyone to sign the #brakepledge (read more here):


Over a quarter of British road deaths are caused by going too fast – for the speed limit or the road conditions.

This video might change your life (it did mine). This family’s lives certainly changed after someone went too fast:


One in seven road deaths are at the hands of someone who has driven while over the limit.

Did you know? One in ten drivers/motorcycle riders who die on British roads with alcohol in them aren’t even over the legal blood-alcohol limit…

Every drink counts – can you count the number of hours it takes to sober up in this Morning After drink-drive calculator?



Cut your chance of dying in a crash by a whole 50% by wearing that seatbelt.

Struggling to get your child to wear their seatbelt? We’ve answered that question in our A Problem Shared feature:

A Problem Shared… Seat Belt Showdown


“Drivers who perform a complex secondary task, like using a mobile, while at the wheel are three times more likely to crash than non-distracted drivers” – Brake.

Did you know? Even hands-free phones can distract – Elaine was hit by a driver on a hands free call:

Our lives are full of distractions these days but distractions don’t need to cost us our lives.

Find the distractions in Brake’s game for all ages, Driven to distraction!


Get your eyes tested. Road crashes caused by poor driver vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties and cost £33 million in the UK per year.

It’s no coincidence that Specsavers sponsors Road Safety Week 2016 (genuinely!) – we all know their catchphrase:

‘Should’ve Gone To Specsavers’


Image credit: dovetail via kent999s’ Twitter


Air pollution is a major killer, 5,000 people a year die because of road transport pollution. If we all use public transport a bit more, then we can improve the environment and our health at the same time. Win.

As Brake says, watch the video and decide: Which journey sounds better to you?


Here’s some more road safety information:

A programme of activities is taking place across Carmarthenshire during Road Safety Week…

Country roads have some hidden dangers…

In 2015, 3,339 cyclists died or were injured on British roads – here’s some winter advice:

If you have any useful road safety advice, please leave a comment below!

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