Sarah’s Story: Aspergers, PIP and Barry Beavers

News | by | 29th Feb 2016

We recently attended an event organised by Beechwood College, about the transition from education to employment for young people with disabilities.

These workshops are organised for parents whose children are soon to be leaving school for college or work – like Sarah, a mum whose son has Asperger syndrome.

Transitioning from education to employment can be a difficult time without having all the knowledge to hand.

We got talking to lots of families at the event; when we heard Sarah’s story, we asked her if we could film it and share her experience.

English subtitles available – click CC button

Sarah’s son is 15-years-old and has Asperger syndrome. He will be going to Cardiff & Vale College in the hope of gaining the A-Levels needed to be a train driver. Sarah says that the National Autistic Society has been a great help, as have support groups. We recently posted an article about Parent Support Groups, so check that out to find groups in your area.

Barry Beavers also gets a recommendation from Sarah; it’s a swimming club for adults and children with disabilities or long-term health conditions. There are similar groups across South Wales, so for your local swim club, see our recent What’s On guide for more info.

Sarah also talks of applying for PIP or the Personal Independence Payment. If you think this may apply to you, have a read of What Is PIP And How Do I Get It? if you’d like to know more about that topic.

We’d like to thank Sarah for her time and her story and Beechwood College for allowing us film. Keep checking back for more videos and interviews and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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