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Snowflake decoration for homemade Christmas article

Christmas is coming! So we’ve gathered together a few tips to bring down the cost with some homemade Christmas ideas.

Sorry to drop the C-word into conversation so soon. Yet it has to be said. Christmas costs £753 for the average British household. If that eye-watering amount makes your eyes, well, water then don’t worry! Follow some of our homemade Christmas tips, tricks and cheats and you’ll be quids in when it comes to January.

Making Your Own Gifts, Decorations, Nativity Costumes…

Let’s start with cards before we get onto gifts. Emailing customised Christmas cards rather than posting them could save you a lot, as a letter sent first class is now 65p, which can add up quickly. Save the planet and some money by going paperless. Otherwise, see if there’s a local Scouts post service set up in your community, look out of signs in local shops. If you’re sticking with Royal Mail, then here are the last posting dates.

Anyway, here are some homemade Christmas gift ideas that can help keep the cost down. Besides being cheap to make, homemade Christmas presents give a nice personal touch and will mean the world to grandparents and elderly relatives. Why not sit down with the children to make some of these great gifts?

Time vouchers

Find some nice card and print your present! Things like “The bearer of this voucher is entitled to breakfast in bed” or “Free foot rub” or maybe that you’ll be the designated driver on a night out. Be as creative, generous and personal as you like!

Make your own jams, booze, fudge etc.

Jam for homemade Christmas article

This only really works on economies of scale, as in the more you make the lower the cost of each individual present. There’s plenty of recipes online and if you go down the jam route, pick your own blackberries and keep the costs down even more. Package it all up with a few fancy ribbons and you’ll save a packet on buying presents. Get the kids to make the labels too for that extra personal touch.

Knit, stitch and crochet…

Knitting things can be time-consuming and yarn can be pricey too. Yet if you make lots of small things, such as phone covers, hats, key rings, coasters, finger puppets, you can stretch your fabric out to lots of homemade Christmas presents.

Painted pots

This is one to get the kids involved with. Use craft or acrylic paints and decorate a plant pot – you can buy a plain plant pot quite cheaply in most DIY and home stores. They can be used as a plant pots, candle holders, or desk tidies.

Children’s poems or paintings

Children writing for Homemade Xmas article

These are especially good for grandparents and elderly relatives. Use nice paper and coloured pens. When finished, roll up the paper like a scroll and use a ribbon to tie around it.

Want more? Check out:

And if that sounds like too much effort or you don’t have enough time then check these 50 gifts for under a fiver from Money Saving Expert.

Homemade Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations don’t have to cost anything – you can make almost anything at home! Try these:

Paper snowflake

Christmas wreath

Snow globes

Homemade Nativity costumes

If your child is starring in a Nativity play this year, it can be difficult to provide a costume without blowing the bank on a shop-bought outfit, especially when you know you’ll have to buy another one next year.

If you’ve got more than one costume to prepare, the pressure can get a bit much. So why not go homemade?

For foolproof, mega-easy instructions on how to make Mary, Joseph, angel, shepherd, wise man, animal or star costumes, NetMums have you covered.

If you’ve got leftover costumes from last year, you could also try swapping with another parent.

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