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Find out the deadline dates to apply for a primary place for your county here – and find out what to do if your deadline has already passed.

If your child is four years old before 1st September 2016, they have a right to full-time education in a primary school in Wales and they will be able to start in reception year from this September. (By law, your child must start school by the term after their fifth birthday).

Whilst the law does not allow you to choose your child’s primary school, you are allowed to state which school you’d prefer your child to attend and this preference will be considered, so you may get the school you want.

Applications for a primary school place have already opened and some have even closed already.

Below, we’ve listed all the deadline dates across Wales, we’ve written down what you can do if your deadline date has already passed, and we’ve linked to the key page you need for more information.

For more information about school admissions and how to appeal, visit here.


Applications for reception places are open from mid-January to 1st March 2016 – more information here.

Blaenau Gwent:

The closing date for reception application forms for the 2016/17 academic year is 5.00pm on the 2nd March 2016. More details on the council website here.


The deadline date for application forms is Friday, 22nd January 2016. More information in the council’s Starting Schools Booklet for 2016-17.


The closing date has now passed – it was 18/12/2015 – but you can still apply for a school place here.

Late applications – There is more information at the end of the application form but here is the main point: “Those children who live in the school’s catchment area on or before the published closing date, and whose parents have expressed a preference by the closing date, will be offered places first.”


Closing date for receipt of preference forms and online applications is Monday 11th January 2016. Details here.

Late applications? “Only applications received by the relevant published closing date for receipt of preference forms will be considered in the initial round of allocation of places. Other preference forms received will be considered as late applications.” More details on page 10 here.


You must apply to the school by 31st January 2016. All school admissions and transfer details here.


Deadline: 29 January 2016. All school admissions details here.


The deadline has now passed – it was 18th December 2015 – more here.

Missed the Conwy deadline? “Late applications will not be considered until after those received by the closing date, unless you are able to justify the reason for the delay when returning your form.” (those that were received before the deadline will be considered together and those that were received afterwards will be considered together – but later than those received before the deadline.)

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The deadline has now passed – it was 27th November 2015 – more information on school admissions here: Denbighshire Schools Information Guide 2016-17.

Missed the Denbighshire deadline? “The school will consider late applications in the normal admission round in cases where a viable reason is given… All other late applications for the normal admission round will be considered together after those received on time have been allocated places.”


The deadline has now passed – it was 27th November 2015 – more information on school admissions in Flintshire here.

Missed the Flintshire deadline? “You can still apply online but application forms received after the closing date are considered as late and therefore considered after those received on time. This means your child may have less opportunity to be offered your preferred school.”


Deadline: 1st March 2016 – More information on school admissions here.


The deadline has now passed – it was 20th November 2015 – more information on school admissions here.

Late applications? The council has been contacted and we’ll update soon.


Closing date for applications: 15th January 2016 at 4.30pm – more information on starting primary school here.

Late applications? “Please ensure that you complete and return your application prior to the published closing date, as failure to do so will result in your application being determined as late which will reduce the chances of you obtaining a place at your preferred school.”

Neath Port Talbot:

The deadline has now passed – it was 27th November 2015 – more information here.

Late applications? “Applications received by the above date will be considered together and places allocated. Applications received after this date will be treated as late applications”, according to the application form.


Deadline: 8th January 2016. Read more about admissions to infant or primary schools here.

Late applications? “Applications must be submitted by the closing date. Any that are received following the closing date will only be processed after places have been allocated for on-time applications, and this may increase the possibility of not achieving a place at a preferred school.” More here.


This is the admissions timetable as advertised by the council here. Read more about admissions to schools here.

Admission to Full Time Education in January, April and September 2016

Closing date for receipt of preference forms – 30th April 2015

Notification of result of applications – By end of July 2015

Late applications? The council has told us “parents can still apply for school places for September 2016, which will be processed as and when received”.


Deadline: 15th January 2016. Form and details here.

Late applications? “If the preference is made after the closing date – 15 JANUARY, 2016, it may not be possible to offer [your] child/children a place at the 1st preference school.” 

Rhondda Cynon Taff:

The deadline has now passed – it was 20th November 2015 – you can read more in the council’s Starting school 2016-17 booklet.

Late applications? “Late applications will be processed after applications which were received by the closing date and therefore late applicants may find that their preferred school is already full”.


Admissions open from 11th January to 4th March 2016 – more information here.

N.B. Any application received after 4th March 2016 will be considered as a late application.


The closing date for September 2016 primary school admissions is Friday 29th January 2016, at 4pm. Primary school admissions information here.

Vale of Glamorgan:

Closing date: 11th January 2016more information about applying here.

Late applications – “Those parents who do express a preference by the closing date will be considered first with late applications only being looked at once the first round of allocations has been completed. Please be aware that if you do not complete and return an application form by the closing date, you may find that your chosen school is already full” – full details on page 7 here.


The deadline has now passed – it was 27th November 2015 – more information on reception admissions here.

Late applications? Late applications will be dealt with after those that have been received on time – they say: “it is therefore very important for you to meet the deadline referred to above.”


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