A Problem Shared: My Son Is Struggling With Mental Health

A Problem Shared Health | by | 15th Sep 2017

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A mum is concerned for the mental health of her teenage son. Do you have any advice to share in this week’s A Problem Shared?

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My seventeen-year-old son has issues with feeling angry, useless, and worthless. He talks about doing hurtful things to himself. He also talks about the world being better off without him. Please help, I think it would be a good idea for him to have counselling!

Our FamilyPoint advice on helping a child suffering with poor mental health

Thanks for contacting us at FamilyPoint Cymru and so sorry to hear your son is going through a difficult time at the moment. Mental health issues are very common amongst young people, and it’s really positive that he’s opened up to you about how he’s feeling at the moment.

"Keeping the communication open and honest between the both of you is really valuable"

Keeping the communication open and honest between the both of you is really valuable to ensure your son’s safety and wellbeing. Your son needs to know that you are there for him regardless of how he is feeling. Also  your son needs to know that you will listen and help him regardless of what he is going through at the moment.

See your GP

Taking your son to see your GP is the first important step to discuss how he is feeling and what’s been going on for him lately. Your GP can then explore different options with your son. Counselling is a form of talking therapy that looks at a person’s thoughts and feelings and why they are experiencing difficulties with the way they are feeling. Counselling will likely be one of the options that your GP will discuss.

"Listen and help him regardless of what he is going through"

To see an NHS counsellor your GP will need to make a referral for your son and he will then be on the waiting list to receive his first appointment. Young people can also usually access counselling through their school/college and also through the workplace at some organisations.

Other mental health support networks

There are also other support networks your son can access that might help him, here are a few options:

Meic is a confidential information, advice and advocacy helpline for young people in Wales. They are accessible on the phone, through texts and instant messaging and are open 8am-Midnight every day. Meic would be able to talk to your son about his difficulties and the options available for him to access some support for himself.

CALL logo for mental health APS

CALL is a specialist mental health helpline available to individuals in Wales. They are a confidential listening and advice service.

Childline Logo for mental health APS

Childline offers an online specialist counselling service to children and young people. All details on how to access specialist counsellors are on their website.

young minds logo for mental health APS

Youngminds is a website for young people and parents offering information and advice on all things mental health. They also have a parent advice line to offer advice and support.

The most important factor to remember is that we all have ups and downs in life. However with the right help and support things do get better. I hope the above advice helps you and your son and all the best for the future.

Thanks for contacting us here at FamilyPoint Cymru.

FamilyPoint Helpline

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